Posted on June 11 2017


The driver in this video posted by RiderLifeStyle anxiously waits at a left turn. Although once he is through the intersection he is done waiting. As any biker would he accelerates and passes all who sat in front of him. The experienced rider moves into the right lane that is about to merge with the middle, and with perfect timing makes it around the other drivers before his lane disappears. As the biker appreciates the road with nobody ahead of him he passes a cop waiting at the exit of a strip mall. As we know cops consider having fun illegal and he drives after the speeding biker. This only gives the rider more reason to speed. The biker kicks up the speed and drives in the center turning lane in order to pass the vehicles ahead of him. He moves over only to avoid another cop ahead of him, his lights already flashing and ready to join in the chase. Now with two patrol cars on his tail, it is time for this biker to make his getaway! After speeding along the road and leaving the other drivers far behind, the biker makes a right turn. Unfortunately to do so he had to let up on the gas and hit the brakes. As his engine’s roar softens we can hear the sirens of the police officers after him, and they are not far behind. While many cops realize it is not worth it and even more dangerous to start chases with motorcycles, it seems these officers also want to have some fun.



Making this drastic turn allowed the police officers to close the gap that the biker had put between them. This close in the gap does not last long for the cops as the biker’s quick and fearless driving gives him a massive lead. When he must slow his bike once again, this time for a stop sign, no sirens can be heard on the video. Without the evidence of sirens it is possible that the biker has gotten so far ahead that he no longer must worry about the cops. However to assure escape a biker cannot assume they have escaped so quickly. Although the biker slows for the 4 way stop, he does not actually stop. When the truck in front of him moves he takes this as an opportunity to drive through the intersection with it.



The biker turns right, and if the cops really are out of sight then hopefully this will be enough to throw them off. He continues to use the center lane and oncoming traffic lane to pass everyone else on the road. It seems that the cops aren’t the only ones who aren’t happy with this biker’s driving as an oncoming truck honks at him. This honk seems mostly unprovoked as the biker wasn’t in the truck’s lane when it happens. The biker turns around to confirm that the police are long gone. He comes to another 4 way stop, and times this one a little riskier. He drives right in front of someone driving through the intersection, and although he wasn’t hit he sure comes close! This rider really doesn’t care what anyone else on the road thinks, as long as he continues to ride!




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