Posted on June 12 2017


From the very beginning these cops didn’t look to serious about the small chase that was about to unfold. In this video published to youtube by EndoChronic productions a viewer submitted video a police charger is shown chasing two stunt bikes from a small group along some empty streets. The chase begins shortly into the video when the two stunt bikes approach the police charger from behind performing stand up wheelies. The white police charger was unmarked but it seems as though the riders were well aware of the presence.




The lights came on as the stunt riders approached and as the filming rider rode up next to the car the passenger window rolled down revealing a second cop was riding along in the car. If the police were somehow able to catch the riders they had the manpower to arrest both stunters but this didn’t stop them from running. The chase began as the two riders flew past but the second rider quickly got in front and put his wheel back up in the air. The filming rider road alongside making sure to get some awesome footage of his buddy’s show in front of the cops. He set the bike back down and they began the escape. As they left at a fairly fast pace the cop stayed in pursuit but stayed back some ways.



The other riders at this point aren’t anywhere to be seen and likely ran in fear of being caught themselves. The filmer is heard yelling throughout the video at the police and although often it is incomprehensible, at other times he yells profanities that clearly aren’t in support of these officers. The chase continues as they take a right onto another busier street at very high speeds flying past other cars. After numerous shoulder checks it appears as though the riders were in the clear and the police were no longer in pursuit. The riders then filtered through some cars yelling the profanities before speeding off again. Although at this point it is unclear if the cops are still on them, it seems as if it's safe to make the assumption they got away.



They make a u turn and take the first side street and speed off together. The chase didn’t last very long but the riders, Baker 636 on youtube and his buddy, made a clean and quick escape from the police. The video is on the longer side but the actual chase didn’t take more than one and a half minutes. It’s always safe to make certain they are no longer following you so they took extra precaution with the u turns and side streets. At the end of the day they were successful with escaping arrest and they were back on their way killin’ the streets. People commenting on the video began questioning just how easy it is to escape the police and others made it clear as easy as these guys make it look, it’s not always so simple. EndoChronic Productions puts a disclaimer at the beginning of their videos discouraging replicating the illegal activity in the video but hey, look at what website you’re on right now.




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