Posted on June 12 2017


The one sight besides a helicopter no rider wants to see is a cop on a bike. But in this case, even a motorcycle cop was no match for this large group of riders. On this video a pair of Las Vegas police officers attempt to take down a large group of stunt motorcyclists thinking they have a good shot using their police motorcycles. The riders on bikes ranging from stunt bikes to choppers, to enduros and supermotos suddenly change plans when they now are tasked with escaping the police officers so they can continue to enjoy their ride. The two cops on their police Harley-Davidson motorcycles have the greatest chance of any police officers to keep up with the riders and follow them.





They are able to easily maneuver through traffic and alleyways, something a police cruiser is not capable of doing. The riders are taking part in a mass group ride with many or most riders performing wheelies and other stunts on public Las Vegas streets in 2016. The footage was given to BloxStarz TV based in Kansas City, MO, well known for their “I don’t stop for cops” t shirts, And posted to their Youtube channel for a large audience of 281,000 subscribers. The rider filming the video is a stunt rider who clearly has no time to deal with these police as they all attempt to escape and continue their ride.



Attempting to coordinate a group in a manner that will ensure no rider is caught by police is a tough challenge. The riders in this video begin to somewhat disperse in all directions in an attempt to throw off the by far outnumbered police officers making it easier for the riders to ditch them all together. The traffic on these city roads make for a greater challenge. In a scenario with motorcycles running from police cruisers, Simply lane splitting through this traffic can ensure the bikes get away free of capture, but the police have the same ability in this instance. The stunt riders must avoid being hit in by other motorists while trying to trick the police officers. They try luring them to areas that allow them the best chance of escape all while other riders go in the opposite direction evading them all together. The police officer is seen flying through the group targeting specific people because he knows that with only 2 police officers they cannot snag the entire group. The bikes continue going street after street slowly losing numbers until they are successfully able to evade the police and lead them to give up knowing these riders are not scared of them and they are not giving up anytime soon. A few riders near the end of the video are seen nearly striking one officer as has pulls between traffic directly in front of them. As their brakes squeal avoiding collision it dawns of the officer that he should just give up. All of the bikes in the ride were able to escape the police officers and rejoin the ride. Not even another motorcycle is a threat to these stunt riders. Las Vegas Police Motorcycles did not win this round.



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