Posted on June 12 2017


Well maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go after these guys. All this cop accomplished was making a fool of himself in front of the public when he put his cop car’s brakes to the ultimate test. On what appears to be a fairly nice night in the city, these stunt riders were putting on a great show for the citizens walking around enjoying the nightlife when a cop tries to steal the spotlight. As the rider filming makes his way down the street with some serious skill the streets are lit up with the most unappealing lights to a rider. He did get a few scrapes in before they began their challenge. When approaching the intersection everyone knew things were about to go downhill.




When the light changed to green all the cars proceed through the intersection except one, and that’s when the bikers knew they were in for it. The lights came on and the riders played around a little bit. They moved at seemingly slow speeds around the cop not even caring about what could happen if they made one mistake and were caught. I have a feeling the cop didn’t even know what he was getting into at first considering he even attempted to pull these riders over. Either he was new to the job or he wanted to make these riders angry, but one thing is for sure and that is these riders were going to give him an even harder time.



When it becomes clear this cop was playing around the rider filming, who is riding closely in front of the cop car does exactly what needs to be done. His front wheel goes up and everything becomes serious. They work their way down the road and the group of riders with him follow behind but don’t appear to be a target to the officer at the time. Either that or he is just completely unaware that they are still there. After showing off for a little while the dirty tricks begin. The filming rider works his way to the shoulder and slows down as if he is giving in. The maneuver involves the car between him and the cop and as the cop approaches they both get tangled together giving the rider time to get away.



He immediately moves to the far left lane faking a u turn but the cop doesnt fall to easily to this trap. In this video it is unclear who is supposed to be in charge but it’s obvious who is in charge. At this point the riders are ready to end it all and humiliate this cop once and for all. The filming rider pulls to the left once more and the cop expecting another fake u turn like before flies into the intersection blocking the trick. At this point I am wondering if this cop thought running over these guys was justified for a wheelie but he got what he deserved for wanting to take them down. His brakes squealed as he came way too close to striking the median and the bikers made their u turn that solved their problem. To fully complete the escape they made one last u turn and rode past the cop now stuck in traffic having to accept his defeat. Nice try but next time think before you try to run over a bike. He’s lucky all he got was humiliation.




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