Posted on June 12 2017


Subie Moto is back at it again drawing attention from the police. This video filmed in Branson MO was part of the "2017 National Supermoto Meat" that Subie attended/hosted. The riders all on Supermoto bikes like Subie’s Yamaha Wr450 complete with BeRad stunt parts began with a little bit of fun in the lot showing off and stunting in opes to be featured in a viral youtube video shown before Subie’s 252,000 subscribers.





Alongside Subie were many other well know youtube supermoto riders such as Motard Tony, Jed Going Ham, Mototay/ motopsychos, Northern wheelies, and Supermotoclowns all attending to meet with their fans and enjoy a fun ride. After spending time stunting and hanging out, they made their way to the highway only to be quickly greeted by an awaiting police officer. The police officer instructed the entire group of riders to pull over into the emergency vehicle turn around spot for a stern talking to. All of the riders without hesitation pulled over and sat as the officer instructed them to not do wheelies, block traffic, or partake in any other illegal activities.



They didn’t stay in their heads very long because just after pulling out there were already wheels up in the air. The ride continued down this empty Southern Missouri highway with wheelies and stoppies on the menu. They wheelied to the end of the highway, literally. “We have to exit” subie proclaimed as the reach the end of the road. But the fun didn’t stop there as one rider found a dirt road they all took. The road now guiding the pack of supermotos lead to a field and more dirt roads. They continued on their way having fun and taking full advantage of their on and off road hybrids. Once they made their way back to the paved highway once again the wheelies resumed. But don’t forget, you can’t have this much fun without a catch. Shortly upon returning to the road near dusk, two blacked out police cars fly past the group in the left lane and the riders are certain they are about to set up a road block and bring an end to the shenanigans. To everyone’s amazement the police cars are not seen again leaving everyone questioning what just happened. At the gas station everyone is questioning where they may have went but are ecstatic they did not shut down the fun. Subie Moto has his fair share of police involved videos on his channels. Some of these videos the officers make absurd claims but somehow let Subie off with verbal warnings. He remains professional in his police interactions and keeps his cool. This particular video was one of Subie Moto’s more popular videos with 59,000 views. The police did not win in this case. No matter how stern this officer was towards these riders, there is no stopping their wheelies. With no fear of the officers Subie’s crew continued to put on the show and have a fun day of riding together. Keep your wheels up and don’t stop for the cops.



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