Posted on June 12 2017




In this video we see a logical hypothesis proven true, Police SUVs are no match for a Suzuki GSXR 750. From the strangest camera position I have personally seen to-date, we watch as this fearless rider stalks the prey, or maybe predator, gaining up and preparing to attack. On this slightly congested section of highway, The rider of the GSXR rides up next to an awaiting police SUV and takes his spot in front of him in the left lane. The police officer in his Ford Explorer decides he can’t let this bike hurt his self esteem and quickly turns on his lights expecting to have won this battle. But wait, there’s more. The bike takes a moment, but quickly notices the blue and red lights flashing behind him. It’s apparent he did not immediately notice this cop and continued at a reasonably nice pace in front. The cop for this short period of time likely thought he was the winner and the bike would give in to him. Nope, as soon as he noticed the lights, the GSXR gunned it through a gap in the two cars right in front of them and began his journey towards freedom. As he begins to fly down the left lane, one of the cars he weaved around is stuck blocking the officer and struggling out move out of the way. It’s not long before we lose sight of the officer due to either the strange “following” camera mount on the wheel, or the maneuverability of a 750cc super sport motorcycle. With many opportunities however for the cop to catch up on the sections of clearing traffic, the rider continues his escape weaving around cars to ensure his escape.







The cop is not seen again throughout the video and the victory crown is given to the rider. With a big SUV like the cops, in beginning rush hour traffic, I think it’s clear the cops pride was a little tarnished to begin with and it’s now got a big smudge across it. The footage donated to EndoChronic Productions anonymously has gotten a fair amount of light with over 10,000 views and many comments trashing the cop hurting his self esteem even more. Many people commented on the fact that the bike was simply overtaking the cop who appeared to be just rolling down the left lane and he was just looking for a reason to chase. Others noted that the rider likely didn’t have a license plate visible (Hey, If you’re reading this, solve that with one of our “run this” plates available on our website) leading to the chase. One commenter even suggested he accidentally hit the lights reaching for his coffee because of his lack of effort to pursue the evading bike. Join the conversation today and head over to watch this action packed video of an intense police chase. Comment what you think the reason for this high speed chase may have been. After an easy victory, GSXR 1 Police SUV 0.





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