Posted on June 12 2017


As the light changes to green, the fun begins. This anonymous stunt rider got his 15 minutes of fame when EndoChronic Productions posted his clean escape from police charger cop car and got nearly 450,000 views. The youtube channel famous for featuring motorcycle escape videos from fans is well known in the Bikes vs Cops community. In this particularly popular video featured on their channel the well trained stunt rider is seen hopping around on his stunted out sports bike putting on a show for the Californian commuters on a beautiful sunny day. As he makes his way down the street the rider jumps around while maintaining a wheelie for blocks and having a fun time. His tricks and combos are impressive enough to draw the attention of a spectator who wishes to talk with the rider but the rider as other plans.




As the rider continues to jump around his unwanted audience member sneaks up behind and makes himself known. In the most uncaring manner giving literally no crap about the flashing lights behind him the rider finishes his wheelie, sets down the bike, and begins his casual escape from the police charger creeping up behind him. His trick show came to a halt because this cop had nothing better to do. Why can’t he just let him enjoy his day? Even his bike doesn’t sound like it’s worried about the cop. Due to the traffic, his escape wasn’t immediate. He began weaving through traffic and seemed as though his route was completely planned and mapped out beforehand. After taking the first exit he worked his way around the streets. Other cars moved out of his way and the charger was not seen but it was implied he was still chasing.



He may want to look at his bike though because as viewers commented, his bike didn’t sound like it was running all that good. I also came across the ever so common “You Idiot! You put so many lives in danger!” but have yet to find a single incident in the video that anyone was harmed during. As he continued his “dangerous” venture away from the officer he approached an intersection that he knew would be the end of this pursuit.



As he waited it was apparent the charger was quickly approaching as he pulled out in front of an oncoming car. As he turned around you can almost see the cop drop his donut in utter disbelief that he did not win this round. His charger slowed down and he accepted his defeat ending his chase. The now victorious rider is once again able to continue on his way to his destination. I’m going to give him 5 minutes before he is back up on one wheel. Maybe he is going to give that charger another shot. Just as many of the commenters on this video stated, this is one of the cleanest getaways I have seen in awhile. I expected much more from the charger. He didn’t even give him a challenge.



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