Posted on June 12 2017


A couple guys out on the west coast decided to have some fun out on a local highway. With all the footage shot from the helmet of one of the riders, it looks like a few wheelies have got him into some trouble. The RPM’s are screaming on his bike as he shifts from gear to gear, trying to find the exact right one to bring the front wheel off the ground. We can assume his first wheelie is what they call a “Seat stander” in the stunt industry. The is a maneuver where the rider jumps up to his seat and stands on it, then clutches up the bike into a wheelie. His next move is what’s called a “tank wheelie”. This is where the rider jumps to the gas tank and spreads his legs out as wide as possible. Hint: This might be what caught the attention of the local fuzz! With a brief look back, (we can only assume he heard the sirens more clearly then we can) we see a cop car and sirens.



He immediately turns on the boosters. Only problem is, his buddy has no idea what’s going on because he’s in a wheelie too! After a few hand signals to let him know they have company, his buddy quickly shuts the wheelie down and now it’s time to make some quick decisions. We can only assume, this cop is not fans of the wheelies they were just riding down the high way. At this point, the adrenaline starts pumping because the RPM’s start going up and their bikes stay on two wheels. As their speed increases, the only options are to go in between car after car. Suddenly, they decide to take an exit, and at this point, there’s still no slowing down.



They continue to split cars as they exit while the rider looks behind to help give the audience a view of what the issue is. Close call after close call, they’re signaling to each other the best they can with hand and arm gestures, the only problem here is that with only one hand on the bike, your speed slows down! Giving whoever is behind you, even more time to catch up. They eventually find their way into what looks like a Home Depot parking, navigating parking spaces, outdoor sheds, shopping carts and more. Eventually, one rider belts out a sigh of relief as if they are in the clear and the danger is over. After a little more riding around the parking lot to make sure the coast is clear, they ride off into the sunset. Our question is, what happened to the cop? Did he give up and decide to save his energy for another day? Or were the maneuvers by the bikers too much for his car and just couldn’t keep up. For more action from EndoChronic Productions, check out their YouTube channel here. As always , here at, we don’t condone running from the cops on motorcycles, but we do think it’s great content to watch! You have to admit, it’s the ultimate cat and mouse game, and like nature, there’s always a real chance something could go really wrong!



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