Posted on June 11 2017


While most videos of cops chasing motorcycles are taken from the point of view of the biker, this video gives us a whole new angle and is presented to a completely different audience. The helicopter footage of fearless stunt rider Phillip Resendez being chased by the police was so captivating that CNN did a story on it. The skill Phillip displays is truly incredible. While running from the cops the then 23 year old taunted the police by standing on his bike while cruising down the road. As if this wasn’t enough of a show for both the police and the whole world, the daring biker gave the cops the finger to show what he really thought about them. This rider ran from the police for over an hour. It seems he really wasn’t running anywhere and was only looking to have some fun. He must be commended for not only putting up a good fight, but managing to make breaking news. It is clear that the biker, in every sense of the term, has stopped giving a shit. When cornered at a dead end he calmly takes off his helmet, not to give up but to put in earbuds and listen to music while continuing the chase. One cop thinks this is an opportunity to stop Phillip and is proven wrong as he easily maneuvers around the cop.



The cop desperately tried to hit Philip by opening his car door, but was unable to reach him. When Phillip was finished toying with the police he did the unexpected; he gave up and turned himself into the cops. He pulled over to a gas station where he laid on the ground with guns pointed at him. For reckless driving, guns sure seem to be overkill. Phillip had turned himself over to the police so this threat of violence is wholly unnecessary. In the end he was arrested for felony, evading, and driving the wrong way. As we can expect CNN does not portray Phillip Resendez in a positive light. A reporter asks him “What do you mean you didn’t endanger anybody?



You were standing on your bike going a hundred MPH.” This is shown even though we cannot hear what Resendez yells back. He was never really endangering anybody but himself, which is a risk many bikers are willing to take. Phillip also reportedly complained that one cop tried to kick him off his bike, which CNN spins as a ludicrous request. While people are criticizing Phillip for endangering lives the only person who did such a thing was the officer who tried to hurt the biker. Even if it meant letting him get away, a cop shouldn’t resort to something so drastic since it could have led to Phillip’s death. They finally do let the biker get a word in to the news reporters, and rather than defending what he did Phillip instead apologized for disappointing his family. It appears that this thrill seeking motorist really isn’t a bad guy after all.


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