Posted on June 11 2017




Running away from the cops is easy for an experienced biker. On a sport bike you can ride through traffic and reach incredible speeds, while in a patrol car you are sure to fall behind. It seems that this officer trying to stop the crazy biker in MrMotoPete’s YouTube video knew that there was only one way to stop a man on a bike; hitting him with his car. The fearless biker races down the highway passing everyone in sight. With the long and straight road there was plenty of time to really push his bikes to the limit. The rider weaves around traffic almost like they aren’t even there, coming dangerously close to several of the cars. A sheriff flashing his lights briefly appears at the start of the video. He drives on the shoulder in an attempt to keep up with the rider. The rider spots him and also moves over towards the shoulder, ahead of the cop. Giving the sheriff a clear view of what he can do on the bike he accelerates and puts some great distance between them. Although he’s managed to outrun this officer of the law, there are still several more cops further down the road, one of which proves to be rather dangerous.







The other drivers appear to recognize that the biker owns this highway, as he is the only one in the passing lane. He makes good use of this lane as he leaves the other drivers in his dust. After speeding for a minute the biker encounters his second cop, this one with his lights flashing before he is even passed. The lights act more like a warning for the rider, letting him know there are more cops around who have been alerted of his presence. The biker ignores this officer’s sad attempt to stop him and maintains his speed. Even more cars are passed and weaved through, the biker keeping close to those he flies right by. The speedometer shows that the rider achieves speeds over 160 MPH! The biker encounters his third cop, this one the briefest encounter. The cop is already pulled over to the side of the road, his lights flashing.







He does not drive, and rather sits there knowing there is nothing he can do. Once again a cop has acted only as a warning for what is to come, although no number of warnings could have prepared the biker for what happened next. While making his getaway the fourth cop makes his appearance, and he is willing to put up a fight! The officer tries to scare the biker and swerves at him. He comes incredibly close putting this rider’s life at risk.



At this point the biker is driving at a still impressive 125 MPH, and if he had not swerved away from the cop this would have been his final ride! The biker is able to put distance between them, with a blockade of cars and trucks he drives on the shoulder and escapes from the cop. Unlike with the previous officers he makes sure to turn his head to make sure he has escaped this one, knowing the cop would stop at nothing to bring him down. Luckily this rider has incredible reflexes, so he will live to ride another day.




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