Posted on June 11 2017


We all love a good cop chase. It is invigorating, exciting, and just plain fun. So when the rider in this user submitted YouTube video posted by ZackGoes saw an officer while taking a joy ride, he had no problem cranking up the speed. Although things did not go exactly how the biker thought it would, as it was more of a challenge to get the police officer to start chasing him that it was to get away from the cop! At the start of the video we are greeted with a little message that needs to be ignored. It claims that what we are about to see takes place on a closed course in Mexico. It also states that this is a training exercise for the police. Now, all you need to do to verify how fake this warning is is to watch past it, as this clearly takes place on an open road. This biker is not a professional and this cop is not training. In fact, from the side of the cop car we get proof that this video takes place in West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania. Why was this message included? Hopefully it was nothing more than a joke, but I fear that the poster was more interested in disassociating himself with an outlaw. Either way it should not take away anything from this awesome video. After this seemingly pointless disclosure the video starts as any great cop chase video does, with the biker just having some fun with his ride.



Immediately he runs through a red light showing us that this biker stops for nothing. He races past the people on the road and pops a couple of wheelies. At another light he comes up to a car that he “found out later” was an off duty officer. This cop gets on his phone possibly calling the police to follow the biker. One other car on the road manages to pass the biker, but not for long. The thrill seeker starts accelerating and wheelies past the person who thought they could outrun a bike. Coming to another light he rides between the cars and revs his engine to scare the other drivers. What he does not see is the cop in the far left lane, but now the cop has seen him. He runs the red light and the cop follows. We should be treated to those thrilling flashing lights, but the cop holds off for a moment.



Not wanting to get away before the chase even begins this biker keeps his speed down just a bit and taunts the officer. He turns around and waves. Still, the cop does not try to pull over the biker. The biker even motions to remind the cop about his lights, as he is confused as to why the chase has not started. With no other choice the biker races downhill at incredible speeds, and finally pushes the cop into turning on those red and blue lights we were waiting for. Now that the chase has begun, it is time for it to end. In an exciting chase the biker gives the cop no breaks, and speeds far ahead. He rushes past many other drivers and wheelies while doing it. To lose the police he turns onto a few different roads and admits he is not sure where he is. Although this may be a minor problem, we can rest easy since the cop also does not know where the biker is.


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