Posted on June 11 2017


Every biker’s worst nightmare is not a police officer stopping them, but rather a blockade of cops with nowhere to run. That is just what happens to this group of friends riding around town in this video posted by BLOX STARZ TV. At least that is every biker but one’s nightmare. From what we see this group seems innocent of everything but wanting to have a good time. They drive into a nice neighborhood where the houses look like they cost too much money and even segments of road are made of brick. They all perform a U-Turn around the median to leave a place that will surely have a nosy neighbor who would call in a noise complaint. The bikers are soon met with a cop who had entered at the exit in order to ambush them. One cop is not enough to stop any group of reckless riders, so it isn’t until a second cop car pulls up to form a barricade when the bikers come to a stop. That is except for one biker, who refuses to brake for cops. Instead of braking the fearless biker accelerates straight for the police. The biker’s experience is clearly demonstrated when he expertly pops his bike onto the median and breaks the police’s barricade. He does this at the same time his friend gets off of his bike and steps into the median.



During the slow motion replays we can see the escapee actually hits his friend in the leg. While this must have hurt, the much greater threat of the police keep his mind of the pain, and he stands calmly with his hands in the air. The biker get away with great ease, but this proves to cause more trouble for the others that did not dare make a break for it. The officers yell for everyone to get off of their bikes and everyone remaining complies, but that does not stop these police officer from being hostile to the cyclists. The cops arrest the bikers stating that they are “guilty by association.” It seems leaving his friends behind has caused quite a lot of trouble. If he had stayed and faced the police with his friends, it is possible nobody would have gotten arrested. Although, with how easy it was to free, the rest of the gang should have joined in the chase when they noticed one of their boys making a getaway. Either way, in situations like this it is always best for friends to stick together. As one cop puts the cuffs on our cameraman, another officer yells “all your bikes are going!” It seems that in addition to getting arrested, this group of friends’ bikes are being impounded. It is unclear the motive for such serious arrest outside of being associated with the one who fled from the scene. Since the cops arrived so quickly, it is possible that they were being chased for a while before the video. One thing that is for sure is that these friends won’t be too happy the next time they see the one that got away.


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