Posted on June 11 2017


Every rider knows at least one perfect road. A road with gorgeous scenery, with hills and turns, and with not enough people on the road to stop you from driving as fast as you want. But most importantly a road with no cops. Unfortunately for this joyrider, this important aspect of his perfect road was no longer valid. As stated in this video, this adrenaline seeking biker had never seen a cop on this long winding backroad in the middle of seemingly nowhere. The rider stretches his fingers and starts the fun. His bike roars as he switches gears and pops short wheelies all while riding through this wooded area. The trees and parks to the sides of the road make this place a beautiful and cozy place to ride. There’s even a bicyclist seen riding on the side. The road is nicely paved providing a smooth ride as the biker accelerates downhill. A cop driving through territory we did not expect to see them in spots the rider from far ahead. The cop is driving on the opposite side of the road, and this proves to be a confusing encounter. The officer turns his lights on and the rider recognizes that this cop is after him. The biker pulls to the side of the road as a gold SUV drives by. The driver of the SUV shouts something that is hard to understand, and it almost sounds like she is mocking the biker.



The biker waves her on, and says “Just go,” with defeat in his voice. The rider clears things up in the YouTube comments of this video. It turns out the driver in the SUV was not taunting the biker, but was in fact his wife. She followed close behind providing him with dash cam footage. She shouted "Is that for you?" to which he replied sarcastically in the comments “like it could have been for anyone else.” The cop pulls his car into the middle of the road, blocking oncoming traffic from getting through. The biker suggests that he dives forward and the cop turns around so they can pull over into a nearby street, allowing the few other cars on the road to drive uninterrupted. As the biker drives forward he notes his contemplation of making a break for it. As we all know it is not difficult to get away from the cops while on a bike, however he makes another note of his decision; “Duh, no!” It seems that this biker doubts his abilities in running away. The video ends with the rider giving up to the police. He leaves a message asking other bikers to do the same and to stop turning “infractions into felonies.” He also says that the officer “almost” didn’t give him a ticket. Unfortunately “almost” is not good enough for most experienced riders. I’m sure that this rider’s message went unheard, as countless other videos we have all seen prove how simple it would have been to get away.


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