Posted on June 11 2017




There comes a time in many biker’s life when they take a nasty spill. While having an accident while stunting are often times more harmful for the bike than the person riding it, there is one thing that can make an already embarrassing incident even worse; a pissed off cop looking for trouble. As a pack of motorcyclist cruise down the road one rider stands and lifts his wheel. While crossing an intersection the biker starts to wobble and loses control of his wheelie. Sitting back down on his bike he tries to steer it once again, but his efforts fail and he continues to shake back and forth. The biker drives right into the median. Both the bike and the biker fly through the air. In the air the bike flips, and once it lands it slides across the pavement. The biker lands on the curb, with his upper body on the median and lower body on the street. He rolls several times, this landing looks truly painful. The biker shows what he is really made of as he immediately jumps off the ground and starts running toward his bike. His friends pull over while the driver with the camera asks him if he is alright. We do not hear a response, but given that he is running without a limp it is safe to assume the biker will walk away without any serious damage. He is, however, grabbing his ass while running, so he has received some sort of injury.







The camera man pulls ahead quite a bit, and when he turns around we are met with a rather unsavory sight. A police officer has already arrived to the scene, and he looks mad as hell. The hurt cyclist has made it to his bike and is ready to continue to ride, but this cop will not let him go. The cop exits his car and runs towards the man on the bike almost tackling him, while screaming “get off that fucking bike!” He does not want our friend to get away. The cop pulls this man off of the bike he had just returned to, and in doing so rips off the biker’s shirt. The cop is heard yelling and intimidates the cyclist into backing up to the sidewalk and sitting down on the curb. The cop asks if the injured cyclist not if he is alright, but if he has had his fun or will do a wheelie again. The biker politely tells the officer “No sir.” Despite the entire group’s calm and polite presence, the officer remains fierce with the rider. As a second officer arrives, this one on a motorcycle, the first cop says he should “lock your ass up and tow your bike.” The video ends soon after this, and we are left unclear of the fate of the biker. With how the cop presented himself to someone who was just hurt, we can assume it won’t be good. In situations like this it is an officer’s job to help crash victims. But since the cop didn’t ask if this biker was hurt, and instead ripped him away from his bike, it is clear this officer had a vendetta. If the driver in an accident had been in a car, things would have gone down much differently.





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