Posted on June 11 2017


It's common knowledge that a motorcycle can outrun a police car in pursuit of high speed chases if the man or lady in control of the gears truly feels like it. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, want to get YouTube famous, impress your friends, simply to make a video or in high hopes that BikesVsCops, Streetfighterz, Blox Stars or StuntRide will see your video and repost it with a shout out. Although we, here at, do not condone nor promote the actions of running from the Cops, here is a video that will graciously give you a step by step play of how to run from the Po-Po.




At first you will notice this video is being captured on the highway at night time while the roadway is filled with cars in every lane. Notice to the right of the screen you will see the Cop's lights flashing. But, the bike is not in front of the Cop car. The Cop pulled in front of the Biker to keep him from speeding off. Well, at least that was his plan to make this a smooth move. Just when he thought he was one step ahead of the rider, he quickly found out he was 2 steps behind. As the video states, the first step to take your flee is to downshift into 1st gear as you approach the shoulder of the roadway. Then, wait for the oncoming traffic to approach. Just as the traffic is about to pass you, give your fair well and take off, leaving the Officer blocked in by oncoming traffic.



The second step, get up to 150mph as fast as you can! Adios Po-Po! It does not always end the easy way though. Sometimes the Cops will give up and not take a second thought that chasing a bike is worth it. Others, on the other hand, you just boiled the blood in every vein they possess and they are ready to take you down. These blue suits will speed up and attempt to set you up for a trap. Whether it gets to that point or not, your best bet is to duck off and find the best hiding spot you can get to, and get there fast.



If you don’t, well, then, it was all for nothing and your story won't be as cool. Lastly, the Cops may not handle this lose very well, so be prepared for back up. That will possibly include them calling in the Chopper to find your rebellious self! It's an unfortunate disclaimer that we are not completely sure whether or not the guy on the motorcycle was wearing an "I don't STOP for COPS" hoodie on what seems to be a cool brisk night, but we do know his mindset and heart was there! The Helicopter was quite the touch by the Police Department and we thank them for giving the rider a badass way to end this chase.


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