Posted on June 09 2017




Have you ever had to just Stoppie and put someone in their place because they were being a little rude and interrupting your street party? Sitdownsteve sure isn't allowing any blue suits to discount his street cred and he definitely isn't going to allow them to disrupt is Wheelie game. In fact, he is going to send a little reminder of the value he has for himself and his crew to the man with a dream behind the blue lights of his government issued 4 wheeled ride. If anyone knows this kid Sitdownsteve, you will know he is going to make sure he is anything but basic when he politely tells the Po-Po to back back, he wants all the feet, not just 50. Watch him as he pulls out his Stoppie skills and brake checks the cop riding his crews tail on this pleasantly sunny day in the streets of Tijuana. I'm sure he whispers sweet little nothings as he flees the guy behind the dashboard and zooms through his team of fellow thrill seekers. You know letting things like "Pipe that Po-Po" smoothly glide past his lips. (pun intended, pa-ching) After all, Wheelies make him... :) I guess I can understand on such a beautiful day when you are stuck in a vehicle filled with crumbs, stinky pits and stale radio stations you would want to be out to ruin everyone elses fun. On this bright baby blue sky of a day, this cop picked the wrong crew to play cat and mouse with. Makes you want to look at the story line a little different.  







The cat is always having fun but when escape is too easy for the mouse, who is having the real fun? Sitdownsteve always see the holes in the wall silly cop'er. And there is no doubt that his fam will be right there beside him. Good thing the cop didn't find JunkYardKenny. If you chase him, he will lead you straight to the junk yard where you will get picked up by a crane and then you'll be in a real life game of Toy Shoppe. Just a little less fun than squishy toys and a tiny claw. Maybe next time think about keeping your 4 wheels in your lane and not break laws like endangering oncoming traffic to chase a hopeless attempt at writing a cheap ticket that ultimately won't get you anywhere. But hey, thanks for giving us something to write about! This video gives the viewer double the suspense while watching the getaway that this dedicated Streetfighter accomplishes. First, you watch through the lens of someone who is riding next to the excitement and gaining epic memories in the bed of a truck while taking in the fumes of these rebellious troops. Then, with smoothness, it transitions to the view of the lens on the Streetfighterz helmet as if you are seeing through the eyes of Sitdownsteve. What a thrilling video to really make you feel like you a true hell raiser of the streets escaping the law. 




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