Posted on June 09 2017


Remember the days in high school when you didn't have too much to worry about and probably lived a pretty carefree life under the paid roof in which your parents worked for. Homework was your biggest responsibility and your chores were next in line. Besides that, your biggest worry was whether your bff found a new bff or if your boyfriend/girlfriend was going to break up with you because you got braces. You didn’t have real bills to pay but you had to make sure you got home in time for dinner or before the went down. Some of us couldn’t bare doing something unethically or unlawfully in fear our parents would become upset or ashamed with our decisions. Well, for some of us, we don’t worry too much about whether our parents will be upset or furious at us for making certain decisions regardless of the consequences. Kind of like this kid on his moped who chose his flight reaction on his way home from school and decided he would try and outrun the 2 policemen chasing him on their motorcycles. As he is motor scooting through the pretty green and well kept bike trails on his way home, he zoomed past a cop on a motorcycle as he entered a small town. The policeman and his fellow trooper began the chase to stop this topped out moped by getting up close and personal and yelling at him to stop in his tracks. 



Even after one of the Po-Po's knocked the young kid with his backpack on his back right off of his moped, the kid gets back up without a second thought and took off in hopes of fleeing the law personnel. He gets away! A kid on moped outruns the 2 motorcycle cops. Oh boy does he have a good story to tell his friends tomorrow at school. But he must have really hurt his hand because he continues to look at his hand the rest of the way home and seems to be a little flustered as we can see at the end because he places his video camera on himself to prove how intense and distraughtful the event was for himself. Who is he calling? He gets his phone to call someone but drops it because he cannot control his hands from all the adrenaline running through his young body. His hand seems to be in so much pain. I'm sure the cop'ers didn’t mean to knock him to the ground and hurt him but I'm sure they are hoping it will teach him not to disobey the rules of the law. But what kind of fun is it for adrenaline junkies to give up and not indulge their outlaw characteristics. Now this Boston University admirer has a good story to tell to for the rest of his life. Not only does he have a story to hold in his memories, he has all the more reason to be wearing a BloxStarz hoodie to let everyone know that he doesn’t Stop for the Cops!


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