Posted on June 09 2017


Are you serious? Did this Policeman really just ninja kick this rider off of his bike after the cop unnecessarily pulled his guns out and shot at the biker? Yep, yep he sure did. What could this rider possibly have done for this cop to feel the need to get in touch with his inner Jackie Chan? Is it Jackie Chan? Is this a movie? It's no movie and no Jackie Chan but a Texas trooper getting in touch with his Wild Wild West ancestors. Watch this short clip viewed and tapped through the dashboard camera of this Texas Rangers police car on this late night at a yield crossing. On what seems to be a silent, calm but dark evening you will see a motorcyclist who throws his hand up to surround at the mercy of his safety after a chase with law enforcement could have become a fatal news story.



 All out of anger issues of a trooper who should be more well trained and have the ability to keep more calm during a situation that did not need to escalate to the high intensity response that was chosen. In this dashcam clip from 2012, you see the ending to a chase that all started with the late night biker choosing to roll through a stop sign rather than making a full stop at the white line. The site of this through the Wild Wild West Texans eyes did not sit well with his Texas Ranger self. Not only did this trooper make the decision that he wasn’t stopping with a chase, he came guns-a-blazin. What we don’t see but only know through statement of the Police Department, the wild Texan pulls up alongside the scurrying biker and makes the conscious decision to pull his law enforcement weapons and begin shooting at the night rider. 





With success in the troopers hopes, one of his untamed bullets meets the biker. Fortunately for the biker, it only hit his leg. But it didn’t stop there. For what now becomes untamed anger in the Wild Western, he jumps out of his patrol car while it's completely obvious that the opponent of this chase is at full surrender. Instead of realizing the submission, the angered Texan switches into full force ninja mode. He takes a full launch and Karate kicks the fellow Texan and his bike straight to the ground. First he is Walker the Texas Ranger and shoots the rider and then transforms to Jackie Chan just to be a little extra? Settle down. Some people would say the biker ran because he had something to hide. Others will say the biker is putting others in danger. The unfortunate and uncalled for chain of events for this biker deserved some justice because neither were true for this night rider. The trooper put others in this dangerous chase. Luckily for the biker, the police dept took action and put out an apology directed at the rider. What a jaw dropping video clip of a Biker vs a Cop.





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