Posted on June 08 2017


Well holy shit Cop'er! We get it, speeding is illegal, but did you need to be tailing these 2 that closely to the point of causing a wreck and launching them off the bike?! In this video you will watch a high speed chase as this 25 year old male increases his speed to 124mph when the Po-Po starts chasing them. Yes, I said them. There is also a 22 year old female passenger on the motorcycle that was not expecting harms way to be put on her nights schedule of activities. We never expect our free spirited nights of riding to turn into hostile events.



That is until the ego of an authority steps in to ruin the party. The younger we are, the wilder we usually are. That doesn't mean we are out to cause trouble, but sometimes a law gets a little twisted here or there. Not out of spite or in hopes of damage, just because we are human and we all have that carefree gene in us. Some of us have a little more daredevil in us than others. These types of folks feel a higher need for the rushing adrenaline. Like these 2 youngsters, most motorcycle lovers enjoy a little speed and wind in their fur. With basic knowledge of riding on 2 wheels, those under the helmets understand to be aware of their surroundings so they do not hurt others or mangle themselves. 




That being said, a little extra speed gives no rhyme or reason for a cop in a car to chase a motorcycle at such a high speed that closely. Not only is it unsettling that someone who is suppose to protect us is tailing a motorcycle but one that is carrying a young male and even younger female who were out enjoying the night and looking for no trouble. There are a few things wrong with this situation. A person in a more forceful vehicle should be aware of the power difference when choosing to attempt this type of chase. This means keeping distance. Once the driver of the motorcycle veers in front the cop car, he begins to slow down to avoid any accidents at a round-a-bout. Wouldn’t you think as a cop and keeping others safe you would do the same? Not this cop, he was so consumed with the high speed and unaware of his surroundings that he apparently didn't notice the brake lights and quick deceleration of the motorcycle. Causing a completely unnecessary shock filled environment. The 22 year old female is in shock from this whole trail of events that anyone is her situation would be having a high intensity conversation with the authorities as she does. She is also probably a little confused as to why the cop is more worried about cuffing her male friend than double checking if he hasn't caused any bodily harm. Thankfully there seems to be no severe damage to either of the riders and we are truly thankful this wasn't any worse than what it could have been.



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