Posted on June 08 2017




When the crew is stuntin through the streets, do you ever pay attention to the outlaws that have to be a little extra on the side of the road? You know, the ones who arent really sure what their doing but they figure it out on the way. Well, this guy not only goes against the grain by cruisin a Harley but pay attention to the right of side of the video as he is driving a down the walk way where pedestrians tend to make their way around town. Watch as he makes a scene and plows right into the traffic light pole! While he receives a special kind of meet and greet with the traffic structure, he invited a fellow rider and a Po-Po to the crash party. Those aren't the only ones who stop either. On the sidelines, more stunters are there to stop traffic and catch it all on tape from the cameras attached to their helmets. I mean seriously, you couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones you find in this adrenaline filled lifestyle. Not only do they want to be in the action with you, they want to capture and replay the mishaps. In parallel, as these hell raisin' troops are showin everyone what the streets are made of, they are already being followed by the blue suits with their flashy blue lights. Like stunters don’t have enough to worry about as it is. Their form has to be right, shoes have to be fresh and their rebellion needs to stay on point.






 So, unlike Harley guy who is limping back the blue light scene, his buddy quickly hops up and is in urgency to flee the scene. Is he hurt? We're not sure, but we do know he's not one to punk out and Stop for the Cops. Even with the unfortunate ability to start his bike time and time again, he's not giving up, no way, he's a star of the rundown blox. I mean, who in their right minds would let the Cops have all the fun in this community. Most riders in this community would consider a day filled with a "Rise and Ride" type of mindset is the best way. Just not this guy. He seemed to have been living more on a "Cruisin for a Bruisin" type of life. But we won't judge him for his misfortunes. Maybe he was daydreaming about the fresh smell of exhaust tingling his nostrils or the new Sales on Streetfighterz.com. We just don’t know. We may never know. Harley rider, we appreciate you for this moment of visual excitement and happy to see there are no severe injuries. But maybe next time you could try riding on the streets with all of the other thrill seeking, adrenaline junkies. Just a thought. Ride on Dude. Disclaimer of this story: It's still unclear if he traded that grey wife beater in for a Streetfighterz shirt...




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