Posted on June 08 2017




This brisk autumn night in 2015 had two things filling the air; the roar of motorcycles, and the flashing lights of a police officer. What stands out in this Streetfighterz video is that the stunt biker performing insane moves was not the only reckless one on the road. In fact it could be argued that the cop chasing them was driving more dangerously. The daring and insanely talented stunt rider kicks off this video with an incredible wheelie. His wheel in the air is only the beginning, though, as the cyclist starts to jump all around his bike. First with his right leg up front and left foot on the back of his seat, the biker brings his right leg back and drags his left foot on the pavement. He kicks off of the road and for a moment hovers above his bike, with only his hands touching it. His legs spread to each side of the handles, and his wheelie reaches a heart pounding angle. In this moment it looks like our rider will surely tilt too far back and flip over. The stunt biker miraculously keeps his balance and brings his legs back to continue to hop all over the place. Jumping from the back of his bike to the front, and even kicking off the road again before finally taking a seat. Despite sitting down on the bike, he does not even give us a second to think that he is done showing off his sick moves. With the front of his bike still in the air he leaps again to stand on his bike. His bike looks as if the wheelie is almost at a 90 degree angle before he zooms far ahead of our camera. All the while, there is a cop chasing him. 







The lights start to flash almost at the same time as this video starts. The cop, as if ignoring the rest of this gang of bikers, decides to focus on the rider performing the wheelie. In an attempt to intimidate our rider, the police officer gets dangerously close to the motorcycle. There is only about a foot of space between them when the stunt rider has his legs up at the handles, and his wheelie at a dangerous incline. One wrong move from either of these drivers could end in the biker’s death! The biker remains unintimidated by the foolish officer, and continues to show off for the camera. The cop comes to his senses and backs off. Once the biker has finished his jaw dropping display, the whole team knows it is time to make their getaway. While they were already driving at astounding speeds, the bikers need to kick it up a notch to get away from the cop. With the camera facing forward we can’t see the officer fall behind, but this city at night proves to be a perfect setting to tell how far ahead the bikers get. As they zoom ahead the reflections of the officer’s red and blue lights grow dimmer and dimmer off of the buildings, proving that this group were able to get away without being put into




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