Posted on June 07 2017


While plenty of videos of motorcyclists on the run show us the exciting things ahead, only a few focus on what is behind. This video posted by mustangdame shows us the back side of a chase, and just how easy it is to lose the police. Our rider starts stopped on the side of the road, if only to show us how quickly his Kawasaki Ninja H2 accelerates. After carefully adjusting the camera so we are treated with the best view possible, the biker then hops onto his bike and in a matter of seconds is speeding down the highway.



Instead of seeing the oncoming cars the driver is about to weave through, we instead see all the cars he passes as they quickly fall behind. With the camera so close to the ground, and with how drastically it leans with the bike, this video proves to be rather exciting even before a police officer starts the chase. It does not take long, however, for this adrenaline fueled biker to be noticed by a state trooper. The cop too accelerates, and attempts to get close to the cyclist before he turns on his lights. The cop is unable to close the distance between him and the biker, as if he ever had a chance sneaking up on a Ninja. The officer of the law turns on his lights thinking he can scare the biker ahead. The rider makes good on the name of his bike, and shows the cop how fast he can disappear. As soon as he accelerates the bike hums beautifully. The cop falls behind laughably fast. His desperate attempt to pull over this motorcycle is left unrewarded.




 Our friend on the bike, however, is rewarded with the freedom of the road to use as however he pleases. While maintaining his intense speed to assure that no cop can catch him, this rider drives on the shoulder and through the gore (the striped area on a highway where the road splits in two) to avoid the other people on the road. These other drivers can only be seen for a moment, as the cyclist is too fast for them to stay in view. What is in view is gorgeous, the biker could not have picked a more perfect day to run from the cops. The sun shines brightly through the cloud filled, yet still strikingly blue, sky. This illuminates everything on the road, from the other drivers to the cracks and tar on the pavement. These cracks provides a mesmerizing display as they rush by without giving the viewer time to process them. The sun even finds its way from the left side of the video to the center, framing itself in a breathtaking view. Watching this chase with a rear view brings out a strong sense of nostalgia. It’s almost like being a kid sitting in the back of a van, truck, or school bus. Only now it is made a lot more exciting by the intense speed given to us by the driver, and the chase from the police officer.



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