Posted on June 06 2017




This thrill seeking motorist was enjoying his time with his bike on the wide open road, until one police officer decided this rider was moving a little too fast. This biker agreed he was only driving “a little too fast” and decided to kick things up to 11. Before zooming off he turned back to the cop trying to pull him over and showed him what he thought. The biker raised his arm and proudly displayed his middle finger to the cop, and displayed to us how crazy he really is. Before the cop could react the rider was gone in a flash. The cyclist speeds back and forth dodging every car on the road without slowing down. Although he comes dangerously close to the other drivers he manages to avoid each one of them. This rider reaches incredible speeds on these streets, making the other people driving alongside him look as stationary as the buildings and signs that he passes. When the rider approaches ten cars spread across three lanes all stopped at a red light, he backs of the speed for just a moment so he can impressively squeeze between the cars. If a police officer can’t get this maniac on the road to stop, a red light will do even less to slow him down. He runs through an empty intersection and accelerates to ungodly speeds. Although the biker does not turn his head to check, it is very safe to assume that he is far beyond the reach of the law at this point. Despite this the cyclist keeps the speed going not to outrun the cops, but for the thrill of the ride. The straight and empty road proves to be the perfect place for the rider to really test out his bike. He shows off its incredible speed as he passes the few other cars and runs several red lights. As he approaches a busy intersection the biker starts to decelerate, and although he is quick on the road he was not quick enough to notice another cop right in front of him. Acting swiftly and carefully, the driver turns right at the intersection after getting ahead of the cop. With the officer surely in pursuit the rider once again pushes the limit of his bike. The large concrete bridge and the following roads are visibly worn. The rider shakes as if he isn’t driving on pavement, but rather on gravel. Each pothole is sure to give the viewer both chills and a rush of excitement, as one can only imagine that this will not end well for the speeder. For over 4 incredible and heart pounding minutes this rider weaves his way through traffic and intersections before he turns his head to verify what we already knew. The police are nowhere near him. Although he escaped the cops there is one thing he could not escape; the excitement of the chase. Either the biker thought there was a chance a cop could catch up to him, or he hoped he could provoke more police, so he kept on racing.







Everything was going perfectly for this adrenaline junky until he reached two lane traffic. With no room to weave around cars and everyone on his side coming to a stop, he took to the left lane and forced oncoming traffic to yield to him. Not only was he speeding down the wrong side of the road, but this area also happens to be a school zone. The driver gives himself no room for error, and this mistake catches up with him. A dark green Dodge van not too far ahead starts to turn left, and although the biker tries to slow the only way for him to stop is by smashing right into the side of the van. The biker flies off of his bike and land in front of the van. Luckily for the cyclist he catches himself and slides into the curb. Although his landing was executed perfectly, it is made clear he was injured when he grabs his leg. His leg was the least of this driver’s worries, as he immediately directed his attention to his fallen bike. The injury was not too severe, as he soon stands. He was, however, left with a limp. The other driver calmly exited his van, displaying that this accident left him uninjured. It’s easy to think that this reckless driver deserved the accident that he caused. No matter how you feel about speeders, we should all be thankful that nobody was seriously hurt. While driving fast may be fun, it might not always be worth it, as this cyclist has now learned. Hopefully he will be more careful when driving in the future, especially since we can assume the cops caught up to him after his accident.




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