Posted on June 05 2017


When encountered with a threat or a stressful situation, every person’s natural response is one of two things; fight or flight. In this video, one biker perfectly demonstrates the latter. This video posted to YouTube by Drew Myhree depicts a stunt rider performing circle wheelies for a small crowd in Daytona Beach, Florida. As the crowd cheers him on, the rider stands on the back of his bike driving around and around. It isn’t long before the crowd’s cheers are turned to groans, and the Florida night sky is filled with those red and blue flashing lights we all know so well. When this particular biker sees the lights flashing he has the perfect response. Without giving the cop a second of his time he slams his front wheel onto the ground and zooms away, leaving the cop sitting there and the crowd back to cheering.



As soon as the biker sped off the cop knew there was nothing he could do to catch him. No patrol car could ever match the speed and maneuverability of a street bike. You can feel his disappointment as his patrol car sadly pulls to the side of the road so the officer can talk to the innocent bystanders. You can hear one member of the crowd telling the police officer that they did not know who the stunt biker was. So who was this mysterious cyclist? He could have just been some passerby who saw an audience and decided to put on a show. Although according to the YouTube description of the video the man claimed to be a member of the Adrenaline Crew. The Adrenaline Crew is an infamous stunt team based out of Los Angeles that was originally formed to perform movie stunts. This crew has moved from just performing in movies to building an entire franchise. 




The Adrenaline Crew produced a series of films and DVDs portraying their stunts in the streets. They also appear in the smart phone game series “Race Stunt Fight.” The Adrenaline Crew is recognized as being one of the most famous motorcycle organizations, but if they are based in Los Angeles, what brings one of their members to Daytona Beach? That would be the Turkey Run. The Turkey Run is a biannual car show and swap meet held at the Daytona International Speedway. It is the largest convention of its kind, and has been held since 1974 during both Thanksgiving weekend and the last weekend of March. This gathering of classic and new cars alike hosts a wide variety of vehicles and activities, so it would make perfect sense that the Adrenaline Crew would make an appearance. Whether or not this biker really was in the crew is debatable, but what cannot be argued is that this was a spectacular sight to see. As the talented driver leaves behind both the defeated police officer and the cheering crowd, one person in the audience proclaims that the circle wheelies followed by the escape was “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” It is a shame that something as harmless as circle wheelies that produced such a good time for everyone around was considered a crime by the Daytona Beach police.




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