Posted on June 01 2017




Here’s another video from those crazy guys over at BloxStarz. For whatever reason, this guys decides to he wants to slap a sticker on the SUV of a California cop. The first thing you see is the biker walk up to his bike as it’s leaned up against the wall. The sticker is conveniently sitting on his gas tank. He quickly pulls it up and starts off on his journey into Big Balls Land. After jumping out into traffic, he quickly speeds up and, situating the sticker into his left hand. Gassing the bike just right align himself close enough to slap the sticker onto the SUV. Of course the slow mo effect is applied to the video right as he applies the sticker which is great for the viewer. There’s nothing more ballsy than a guy doing this! I guess he’s just asking for trouble especially when the cop was going in a different direction than him from the beginning. After he applies the sticker to the back window of the SUV, he takes off like a bat out of hell. Only problem is it’s starting to get a little dark and the streets are narrow with a slight amount of traffic. One other thing we noticed is there are odd medians in the middle of the road that sneak up as you watch the video so can’t imagine the rider seeing them very easily. As he starts speeding away, he splits cars and weaves through cars like maniac. 








At this point we’re wondering if the cop is even chasing him at all. Or even better yet, did the cop realize he even put the sticker on the SUV in the first place. Soon, he catches up to other bikes and we can only imagine they have no idea why he’s even running in the first place. Just when we think he’s about to slow down and fit in with the other bikes, one of those sneaky medians appear that we talked about a little earlier in this article. It looks like he got caught off guard and couldn’t decide to hit it head on or head right to avoid it all together. Problem is, he did neither. Soooo, BOOM, he smashes into the median, him and the bike go tumbling and the only view you can see now is the concrete and the top of his helmet as we assume the camera mount was dinged enough to change the view of the camera. But this guy wasn’t given up that easily. He jumps back on his bike and tries to restart it. Problem is, the bike won’t start. So the only option is to run with it. Soon, some of his biker buddies come to his rescue and start helping him push it. His hope at this point is to pop start it we assume. But just when all hope is almost lost, another rider pulls up and gives him a tow. But he lets go for some reason and for one second, we thought the bike was gonna start again. But that’s not the case. The bike coasts to a stop. Frantically he’s trying to start the bike but no cigar here. On problem now is, remember that SUV cop he slapped the sticker on, well they’ve finally caught up. They hit their lights and sirens. Only strange part here is, they don’t get out of their car to tackle him because he’s clearly moving only as fast as his legs will carry him. But this guy is in it to win and doesn’t give up. He finally gives up completely, leaving the bike and all and jumping on a buddies bike and rides off into the sunset. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”





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