Posted on June 12 2017


This isn't your typical Bike VS Cop chase down a major Highway. In this video posted by Blox Starz TV on their YouTube channel you will see that this is hundreds of Bikes and Stunt Riders VS one State Trooper in his Cop car. When you begin to watch this video caught on tape with one of the Stunt Riders GoPros mounted to his helmet, you will notice every biker minding their own business and enjoying the MOM Ride of 2016. The MOM Ride is The Middle Of the Map Street Stunt Ride that was held in Kansas City, KS in 2016. As you watch this video you will see a State Trooper on the left side of the Highway flashing his symbolic blue and ride lights, trying to put a holt to this Stunters Street party while the Stunt Riders had complete and utter disregard for the law.





 It doesn't seem that this blue suit behind the wheel of his fancy 4 wheeled carriage is phasing any of the stuntin crew on this MOM Ride. All of the riders in attendance of this street party continue riding down the highway and doing wheelies in front of, beside, behind and in passage of the Police Officer. This chase goes on for so long that they stop the tape and pick up about 5 mins later into the Ride.



The Stunt Rider catching all of the footage turns his head and you can see the State Trooper racing down the left side of the highway in attempt to get the bikers attention and prove to them that he is not playing games with them. But how could one cop car really put a holt to hundreds of Stunt Bike Riders who all met in the Midwest to Stunt and cruise down the Highway. Did the Officer not see all of the "I Don't Stop for Cops" shirts and hoodies? He must of missed the memo. Bikers keep looking back to see if more State Troopers are joining this one man against their hundreds, or even if a helicopter was in route to crash the party. The Stunt Rider with his GoPro facing the cop is doing a Wheelie right behind the Cop and giving him the finger. That's a daring fella there. As this party approaches the merging lanes you can see the cars trying to merge but stop because there are so many bikes passing and causing traffic to come to a dead stop for their festivities. Bikes continue to pass the Trooper and pop wheelies. All of the Stunt Bike Riders begin to merge off of the highway onto a smaller highway and continue riding long wheelies. Even with turn they make, they are steady enough to keep their bikes and themselves in form, probably because they really want to impress the Po-Po. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”




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