Posted on June 12 2017




Every year Streetfighterz motorcycle stunt team puts on the largest motorcycle stunt ride in the nation, formally referred to as Ride of the Century. With stunt riders coming from all over the nation and gathering in St. Louis to take to the streets to perform insane stunts, the event becomes a prime target for police to strike down on the bikers. The ride, led by Streetfighterz makes its way throughout St. Louis and its surrounding areas and attracts attention from local news stations, police, and citizens. Police take this event very seriously and attempt to create blockades to prevent the ride from happening. While these blockades often fail, riders take no chances due to the risk that their motorcycle may be impounded or they may be arrested and fined for their participation. In 2012, police took to the streets in large numbers to attempt to disrupt the ride and make stunt riders flee home and abandon the ride. Numerous blockades were set up through the area on highways that brought traffic to a halt as local and state police officers attempted to grab as many riders as possible. In this video published by Blox Starz TV, a stunt team and apparel company, famous for their “I don’t stop for cops” shirts and based out of Kansas City, Missouri, a rider is seen making his attempt to flee from State Troopers during the ride.







As the ride approaches the blockade, many riders are seen stopping in defeat as more officers arrive while others attempt to escape through the grassy shoulder on the road. As the filming rider approaches the barrier, a few police officers can be seen running after a few riders. The rider approaches four police cars parked across the highway before maneuvering around in an attempt to reach the entrance ramp. As one officer jumps from his car, the filmer weaves around and starts his way up the ramp going the wrong way. He is quickly stopped when cop cars approach him head-on almost hitting him. The officer who came within inches of hitting the rider is seen opening the door as the rider begins to flee yet again. He sees an opening and rides diagonally across the grassy shoulder and begins to ride in the opposite direction down the highway. Other riders follow him and turn around as a last resort to escape arrest. As the filming rider rides against traffic, many cars are seen surrounded by bikers stopped waiting for the chance to escape. The riders who fled back down the highway went up the exit ramp and used a new route to escape. Although this rider successfully escaped, the ride encountered many more blockades throughout the ride. According to statistics from both St. Louis County Police and Missouri Highway Patrol, 148 citations were written and 16 traffic violation related arrests were made during the ride. The police departments even made an attempt to contact the insurance companies of the riders who were written citations to inform them of the event these riders took place in. Local news stations covered the event heavily with no sympathy for the riders. It was made clear that no incidents occurred with other motorists not involved with the ride.





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