Posted on June 12 2017


Subie Moto is a prolific YouTuber with a wider variety of videos about motorcycles. While the video titled “Subie moto vs the cops” sounds like you are in for a high speed chase, instead we are treated to a nice interaction between Moto and two police officers. The officers received a call complaining about Subie’s reckless driving. The call claimed he was speeding and performing wheelies, and despite his reputation Subie Moto insists that he did not speed. At the start of the video he does admit to us to having done two wheelies, and while at first he doesn’t want to say whether or not he did the wheelies to the cops he later admits it to them. He spots a white car snooping around and realizes it must have been the person who had called the cops.



Moto then blames “old white guys” with “nothing better to do” for people on bikes getting the police called on them. The first officer has trouble finding his license plate. Subie Moto explains that it is covered in mud, and that he needs to clean his bike. The officer also says that the plate is in the wrong place, and Moto says he had to move the plate since it would fall off during scrapes. The officer asks what that means, and he explains that the back of his bike scrapes during extreme wheelies (he also makes sure to note to us that they are not his scrapes.) Subie Moto gives the police officer his license and pulls his insurance up on his phone. While she runs his license a second officer comes to talk to Subie, and he seems to be a lot more interested in motorcycle culture.



The officer asks if he had been recording, and Moto admits he was currently recording but says he had not been earlier when the cops were called. Whether or not this is true is unclear, as it is possible Moto didn’t want evidence of his wheelies. The officer knew that many bikers were recording videos of stunts for YouTube, and Moto boasted that he had almost reached 100,000 subscribers (dating this video as he currently has over 250,000 subscribers.) The officer talks shop about Moto’s bike, a 2014 model. Moto tells a story about getting a flat tire the first day he rode it. While driving on the highway he ran over some metal. Luckily it was his back tire that was hit and he felt it right away, so he was able to pull over without any problems. He also mentions that the seat is uncomfortable, since it is a race bike it’s mostly meant to be driven while standing. The first officer comes back and they talk about his plates again. Moto comes to a compromise that he will build a mount for his license plate. He then admits to the cops that if he did not have plates on his bike, he would not have stopped for the officers. In this video Subie Moto admits to several incriminating activities, such as stunts, running lights, and running from the cops. However, the officers respond with a great deal of respect. They are appreciative that Subie is being honest and polite with them. They leave him with a warning. As Subie Moto heads to a lot to meet up with some friends for more wheelies, he continues to curse the old man that called the cops. This was a rare case of a motorcyclist having a good interaction with a police officer. Since Moto had done nothing wrong in front of the cops, he was let off very easily. Although as Moto states in the video, if they had anything against him it would have been much better to make a break for it.



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