Posted on June 12 2017


Just when you thought all cops were on the up and up. This rider apparently found one that wasn’t! There are many times in life where you bait a friend or friends to do things, then completely throw a wrench in what they’re are doing or maybe it was a prank to begin with. In this video, it appears as if a rider is having a pretty decent ride down the highway when he rolls up on a cop. From what we can tell and from what the description says, the cops actually signals to the rider to ride a wheelie. So of course like any capable motorcycle rider would do, he/she rides a wheelie. Although the wheelie was short lived, the cop still finds it in his heart to hit the cherries and sirens.



We’re not sure about you, but this appears from all accounts, to be a total switch-a-roo! The rider is in such a state of dis-belief, he/she actually slows down to wait for the cop to catch up. The energy in the video really picks up right around here because the sirens and lights get closer and closer. We can only assume the rider didn’t have a license plate hanging off the back, or at least have it folded up to make it unreadable. And if you don’t care what type of license plate you run at all, check out our store as we offer novelty plates from almost every state with our famous “Run This” logo in place of plate numbers.



The best part might even be the rider given the cop the finger wave, as to say, “no, no, no, you better not be chasing me”. A few more hand gestures from the rider even seems to be asking the cop, “What the f&@$”? But we have to admit, the best gesture of all towards the cop, is the flip of the bird and then a full twits of the throttle. From there, we hear an ever so familiar sound of the bike going from gear to gear. Hitting the highest range of rpms before clicking up to the next gear. Zooming past car after car, weaving in and out of traffic likes he’s in a game of Spy Hunter from the late 80’s. (Some of you might not even know what that is.. haha) Its safe to say, this guy was not in a good mood after this cop played him for a fool. Maybe this cop had a quota to meet and thought he could bait this rider into an easy ticket. Well, from the looks of it, the cop definitely picked the wrong bike on this day. This guy was even nice enough to blur out the cop car logo as not to embarrass him any more than he already was. As always, us here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops or breaking the law, we just like to watch and give our spin on it! Make sure to look around and check out other videos of motorcycles high tailing it from cops from all over the world.



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