Posted on May 30 2017


In this video, it starts off with some guys cruising by a mini bike that was apparently pulled over by a black unmarked car. Not sure what he did, but for some reason this cop felt it was his duty to throw down the law on this law-breaking mini rider. Fast forward a little bit, and we see even more trouble as there’s a state trooper and a few local bad guys sitting on an on ramp waiting for the bikers to pass by. Doesn’t take long for these guys to lose those coppers. The video cuts to them later on down the road, and at this point they’ve exited the highway and are off into a rural area looking for somewhere to go. They finally decide that hiding in the woods might be a better idea than roaming the rural roads not knowing exactly where they’re going. So once they pull of the road and into some unsuspecting house/yard, they slowly creep around to the back of the house, surrounded by trees and shrubbery.  



It looks like they’re not exactly sure where the cops are or how safe they really are. The worst part of this whole scenario is, one of the riders yell out, “I’m out of gas”! Yikes! That can’t be good when you’re in a situation like this. Finally, one brave soul decides to head back out onto the road while almost getting smashed up like a tuna by a SUV. Luckily the horn from the SUV gave him a little extra heads up to turn a little more and avoid the collision. Another interesting caveat to this video is once the sun hits the guys recording this whole thing, we learn there’s a passenger on the back of his bike. Who would of thought. That’s gotta be one sticky situation to be in when you’re playing hide and seek from the cops. This guy picks up some serious speed flying through a small subdivision and then decides to slow down, cut through some four foot tall grass, ending up on what looks to be a bike trail.



We can only assume this guys knows where he’s going, but we’re not 100% confident because at one point, he yells to the passenger to look out for the helicopter. So now, a lot of this video makes more sense. If there is in fact a helicopter out after these guys, ducking into the woods might be exactly what they need to do. After a nice stroll down the trail, the rider picks a spot to head off into thicker woods and finally stops to lay his bike down, instructing the passenger to get off the bike. We’re hoping this wasn’t a first date. Unfortunately the video ends as he lays his helmet down, so we don’t get the pleasure of knowing what happened to his friends, and/or him. Lets hope the helicopter wasn’t able to peer through the heavy tree tops and locate this Bonnie and Clyde. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”


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