Posted on May 30 2017


Four bikes, five riders, and one cop!  In this extreme BloxStarz video watch as some daring tandem stunts are attempted on this night time city street.  The video starts with a female practically begging for road rash with an exposed stomach as she barely hangs on to her partner in full switchback.  She is shockingly brave with zero control over the bike, minimal gear on, and leaving all of her safety in the hands of her reckless partner.  He pulls off several high speed wheelies while the girl performs acrobatics like kicks, splits, and even reaching out with her legs to connect with the other bikes and their riders. 



For two minutes they are back to back and the rider even stands up with her on his back to do a standing wheelie.  The last rider is successfully catching all of this on video and even lets out a celebratory shout when things suddenly get hairy as the group passes a police car heading the opposite direction!  If you keep your eye on the back tire of the lead bike you can catch the start of a wobble the moment the cop car enters the scene.  You can hear the riders throttle up to communicate to each other that they are about to dip out and lose the cop in true biker fashion.  Suddenly our view is directed to the front as the rider speeds away from the lights and sirens.  




 Watching the speedometer, you see him reach 150 miles per hour as he successfully eludes the officer. The city streets are small and dark as he performs several high speed wheelies and even runs a red light.  Hey, at least he slowed down to look both ways before running it though, right?  The first half of this video gets you to think about what would happen if this girl fell.  How bad would the road rash be? What if she got ran over?  How much must she trust in her partner's skills on the bike to be able to nonchalantly climb all over him.  This is definitely some technical work and to add to the danger, these stunts are being performed at higher speeds than you would usually see at a typical parking lot stunt show.  The second half of the video, although unplanned, is also pretty intense. In the city cars come out of side streets suddenly and stopping or swerving at 150 miles per hour is no joke.  Although we see our rider slow down some for the main intersection, he blows right past countless other intersections and side streets where he would have zero time to react to any potential traffic.  In the end it appears that no one got hurt, no one got arrested, and some seriously sick stunts were captured on video!  So I would say these Saint Louis city street riders accomplished their goal and gave their viewers two and a half satisfying and thrilling minutes of professional street stunting to enjoy.



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