Posted on May 30 2017


Well, the BLoxStarz guys are at it again. Here in this video, it starts off as a typical night time, routine video of the guys doing some wheelies and cruising around. But as usual, it doesn’t take long for company to show up. And when we say company, we mean the cops! So the video starts off with a pretty long wheelie we must say, but sooner than later, you know the bad guys are lurking around somewhere. After about a minute of footage, a quick slow down of the footage shows a cop sitting at an intersection with front row seats to the wheelie show. The best part is, the rider keeps on going in a wheelie. But that doesn’t last too long as he finally decides to set the bike down and it the throttle. A few of his buddies go flying by but he soon catches up and they all dip left 



. As soon as they hit a straight away, this guys is banging the needle off the rev limiter, even leaving his buddies in the dust. He’s going as fast as he can and we start to assume that he’s also left the cop in the dust. But with one glance back, we quickly learn that the cop isn’t giving up that easily. After zipping past car after car, and weaving in and out of the shoulder, a friendly looking logo appears on the screen letting us know that the riders have came up on another cop. We’re not sure if this was just a lucky night for the cop or he may have strategically placed himself there via radio communication. Either way, these riders had more company than they bargained for. After another minute of action, apparently one of the riders had enough because he comes flying by the camera at close to 200mph (we’re guessing) making sure he’s not getting caught. Somehow though, we see lights appear as if the cop is pulling over the rider who has been filming this whole thing, but the cop keeps on going. 



Then to our surprise, the cop slows down, and starts weaving back and forth in front of the camera. We’ve scene this maneuver in other videos performed by Kansas City police. It must be their strategic approach to slowing these guys down. Just not sure how affective it is. Too bad this rider was one step ahead of this cop because all of a sudden, he hits the brakes, cuts across the grassy median and heads the opposite way. From there, it appears to be smooth sailing for this guy as he lives to see another chase! Just not sure what happened to the other riders that were there, but one thing is for sure, this guy had the right moves. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”



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