Posted on May 31 2017


This is about the most ridiculous thing we’ve seen so far. According to this video, the cops are literally towing bikes based on the temperature of the motors. But first let us give you the back story to the situation. The stunt team located in St. Louis, MO called the Streetfighterz have been throwing a annual ride called the Ride of the Century. It’s become one of the most famous rides in the world for streetbikes. It’s been going on since 2002 and from what we hear, it’s one heck of a weekend. We always look forward to the videos from the event, but this one was a little over the top. From what we can tell here’s the story around what you’re seeing here. Apparently in 2013, the cops and local officials had had enough of the Ride of the Century. Rumor has it, they mayor, chief of police, captain of Missouri State Patrol, state lawyers, and every chief of police in surrounding municipalities called a meeting with the Streetfighterz. They informed the Streetfighterz that if they had the event in 2013, there would be major consequences to pay. Sounds like they even blackmailed local businesses who were affiliated with the event that if they participated in the event, they would pull funding from the businesses. Sounds like a bunch of crap if you ask us. So clearly, in despite of all the threats made to the Streetfighterz, they had the event any way, but what they ran into in terms of the cop presence, was something they had not expected. No cop was allowed to take vacation that weekend, all available cops from the state were brought in to assist. 



The state police airplane was up above all weekend along with several helicopters. Undercover cars full with anti-gang unit officers were running bikes off the road, making false arrests, and creating havoc all over the city all weekend. From what we’ve also heard, sounds like several lawsuits popped up that weekend, many of which actually made their way to court and won. But to zone in more on what you’re seeing here, state cops were instructed by their captain, to pull into this lot and feel any bikes that were warm to the touch. If they were warm, they were instructed to tow those bikes. This clearly was a violation of so many laws and rights, there’s not enough room on this page to write them all. We can understand the cop’s frustration from the event and how long it’s been going on in St. Louis, but that doesn’t give them an excuse to do what they’re doing in this video. One thing we can say, the tow businesses made out like bandits this weekend. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”


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