Posted on May 30 2017


What’s the only thing better than the thrill of running away from the police? The satisfaction of making fun of them as you do it. When the lights turn red these stunt bikers decide the intersections of Springfield Missouri is the perfect playground to perform their wheelies, and the perfect stage to taunt some cops. As one stunt biker drives circles while doing a wheelie in an intersection, the other drivers are content to sit back and watch the fun even when the lights turn green. The stunt artist then stands on his bike and sends the people behind him some sparks while driving on to another spotlight. At another intersection the biker stands on his bike and performs for another crowd, you can even hear some laughter as the people in their cars enjoy the performance. However at this particular light there is one person on the road who is not too happy. The officer flips on his lights and approaches the cyclist in the intersection. That is when the real show begins. The motorcyclist starts to taunt the police officer by slowly circling the intersection. The biker starts to drive away as he waits for his friends to join him. The officer must realize that this is one stunt rider that he cannot keep up with so he switches his target. The cop thinks he is a little more clever than he really is and tries to block the rest of the gang from joining their friend. With the cop only a few feet in front of them they see this as the perfect opportunity to start the chase.



The daring bikers drive around the cop and run the red light with the officer following in hot pursuit. Fortunately for our friends this cop isn’t too competent at his job. The stunt group even takes their time to perform a high speed wheelie as the cyclist throws his legs up in the air. The motorcyclists escape the police with relative ease, or so we thought. Just when they think they are in the clear, two undercover cops ambush the cyclists at another red light. Luckily one member of the group spots the cop before it is too late and warns his friends. The cops think they can stop the riders by sitting on the road blocking the normal flow of traffic, but as we have learned these riders are not afraid to drive by their own set of rules. These crazy bikers run yet another red light and easily dodge these small town police officers. Our driver with the helmet camera even throws his arm out in exasperation when he realizes the undercover police officers gave up on chasing them soon. You can imagine the cops’ embarrassment from letting the riders get away. Not only did these boys perform some crazy stunts in the middle of the road, but they even taunted the cops while doing so. The teasing was not enough motive for the police to catch up to the stunt bikers, and they escaped to ride another day. 


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