Posted on June 21 2017


While most bikers catch the attention of the police by either speeding or stunting, this rider gets pulled over for almost nothing. While cruising through the empty night streets the biker in this Blox Starz TV video slowly drives through a stops sign. The cop only notices him when he starts to rev his engine. It appears that this rider saw the cop before the cop saw him, and was looking to have some fun.




The flashing lights of the patrol car can be seen in the bike’s mirrors as he pulls to the side for the cop. This is, of course, a ruse. Once the officer has stopped the biker quickly turns around and drives away. If he’s going to get the cops on his ass the biker is going to give the cop a real reason to chase after him. The cop follows in hot pursuit. While still only on the entrance ramp to the highway this biker pushes his Yamaha R6 to over 120 MPH.



 Since this was only his entrance the acceleration continues. While racing past every other driver on the road the biker gets his ride up to 156 MPH! Confident that he has already lost this clearly incompetent cop, the biker gets off the highway as fast as he can. Unfortunately for the police he has already had one taste of adrenaline tonight, so the speeding won’t be stopping anytime soon.



Off of the highway the biker continues to ride at incredible speeds and runs a red light. While he already lost one cop, another is sure to find him. The biker drives past an unmarked car who happened to be an undercover cop. Naturally the undercover officer turns on his red and blue lights and thinks that this biker will stop. As we already know, he is wrong. The motorcyclist keeps his speed and loses this sneaky cop just as easily as he lost the first one.






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