Posted on June 21 2017


All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for this daring rider, that end came at the hands of a cop. The biker was speeding down an Orange County freeway in California when some officers decided to try to stop him. As bikers do, this rider ignored the cops’ demands to pull over and continued to speed as he pleased. While this tactic may work in most cases, the cops put up a fight almost no biker could win.



A cop could never catch a skilled biker simply by chasing him. These cops had to fight dirty in order to bring him down. Since chasing the rider wouldn’t work, there was only one way to get him to stop: making sure he had absolutely nowhere to go. The footage posted to YouTube by NewsFork was taken by the KTLA Channel 5 News team. 



They report on the rider and explain that the police have set up a “traffic break.” This is a tactic the California Highway Patrol is famous for. The officers turn on their warning lights and slowly weave in front of traffic, slowing down all the drivers on the road. The officers do this to bring an unnatural stop to the flow of traffic, forcing the biker to the shoulder. A cop on a motorcycle was waiting for this biker to do this and drove in front of him. Before the biker could switch tactics and try to get away, the officer hopped off of his bike and drew his gun. There is no telling what a pissed off cop with a gun will do, so the biker surrenders. The biker lays on the ground and the cop kneels on him and puts him in cuffs. We see the biker struggle as the officer makes sure his cuffs are nice and tight. Nobody can win them all, we hope this biker has better luck next time!




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