Posted on June 21 2017




This video comes from the Mad Ant on YouTube. It appears to be an average day on the bike, out for a casual ride. From what we can see, he hasn’t provoked the fuzz at all, but let’s be honest, something may have happened before the entry point of this video. So after a few casual turns, we hear a blip of the cop siren, and with a quick look back, we see a SUV cop with the sirens and lights going. After quickly splitting two cars, the rider casually weaves in and out of traffic, but he doesn’t seem to be too spooked just yet. On top of the fact that it looks like he’s running in Pleasantville, USA, passing green lawn after green lawn, this doesn’t seem to be your typical run from the fuzz. This guy is going from busy 4 lane streets to subdivision roads, back to busy streets.







 But we’re not exactly sure where or if the cop is still behind him. We never see another look back nor do we hear the sirens. But for whatever reason, this guys still feels the need to hit shoulders of the road, split traffic, (even passing a huge Coca-Cola truck which sounds good right about now) and use every route possible to continue on his way. Eventually after all of his maneuvers, he ends up out in what looks like a rural area where he keeps the throttle pinned. From there the video continues on for a little while and then ends. As always , here at BikesVsCops.com, we don’t condone running from the cops on motorcycles, but we do think it’s great content to watch! You have to admit, it’s the ultimate cat and mouse game, and like nature, there’s always a real chance something could go really wrong!







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