Posted on June 21 2017


These reckless stunt riders own the streets of St. Louis, and they are not going to let anybody take it from them. The bikers drive circle wheelies and speed through the streets, beginning their ride in front of the iconic Old Courthouse. One stunt rider in particular proves to be a master of wheelies. He maintains speed as he sits, stands, and kicks up his feet with the front of his motorcycle in the air.





This impressive display is sure to draw the eye of all the drivers on the road, including the ones in uniform. While stunting the bikers drive through an intersection where they happen to pass by a cop. The officer is blocked by pedestrians crossing the road, so it takes a minute for him to catch up with the bikers, but he isn’t going to let this group of friends get away without a fight!



 The bikers stop at a red light but that doesn’t stop their fun. While one rider rides in a circle while doing wheelies, another notices the police officer coming for them. He revs his engine to warn his friend and they take off, running through the light. The officer has his eyes set on the biker who was showing off his wheelie skills and ignores the others. The bikers respond by chasing after the cop!



Both the cop and the bikers weave through traffic during the chase. While making a turn the cop stops in the intersection, the bike he was chasing has gotten away! The bikers chasing the cop also stop to see if he will continue the chase. One biker revs his engine to provoke the officer but he does not move. The bikers have won, and they race past the officer displaying their victory for everyone to see.




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