Posted on May 27 2017




Watch this fun video that will make you giggle as this tatted up, long haired son of the streets races through the dusty streets of Las Vegas, Nevada with his fellow night riders. Not only is he experiencing this himself but he catches it all on tape with the camera mounted to the front of his dirt bike. The camera is facing him the whole time and we get to watch him as he smiles, laughs, dances and speeds away from the cops chasing him down the streets of the bright lights and noises in the largest place of sin. Seems pretty suitable that he would be having such a great time running from cops in a place where bad deed and filthy sins are right around every corner. Not only are the Cops chasing the star of this video and his hell raising friends, but they are trying to egg on the motorcycle police men by slowing down speeding up. Not to mention he already looks like he is ready to go to jail with the black and white stripped shirt he conveniently chose on the night he was ready to stir the pot up. The entire time you watch this video you see the red and blue lights flashing all around the dirt bike riders. You can see the motorcycle cops riding his tail pipe and getting close up and personal with him in attempts to pull this kid over.  







At a couple of points in the video, the cops even pass the rider being chased because they are at such high speeds and to what I assume do not want to wreck themselves either. There is pure and bold confidence in this sin filled, dusty road night rider. He laughs in excitement and beats his chest because he is in full blown beast mode. Not only is he taking these Las Vegas Motorcycle Cops for an extreme chase through the streets of Sin City, his friends are right beside him stirring up the pot just as equally. Watch closely as they slow down to get the cops more hyped up and then begin ripping the throttle to pull away. This stripped shirt heathen isn't letting these cops have any fun on this hot Las Vegas night. Once he and his friends make their final escape and the cop'ers dip off in shame, he yells at the camera in excitement while the adrenaline is pumping through him, letting everyone know he is ready for a game of cat and mouse but that he isn't backing down. I wonder if that was the only high speed chase that he caused this week? We do not condone any behavior that could hurt anyone in such a highly populated city, but we are happy to say that no one was injured in the making of this chase. We do recommend checking out for apparel to fit in with the streets and maybe not so much like you just escaped the bars of the penitentiary. 




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