Posted on May 27 2017



Have you ever been unlawfully or unethically accused from false accusations? Watch this crazy video all caught on tape by a GoPro mounted to a riders helmet that was pulled off of his bike by a Police Officer and body slammed onto the ground. On what seems to be a cool brisk night, this innocent group of riders trying to enjoy their evening with a ride through their country town are met with law enforcement at a road block created by the cops. The bikers slow down, stop with kindness and turn their bikes off in respect of the law enforcement. As the muffled engines silence, the bikers hear these officers barking rash commands at the night riders. The bikers are a little confused and put off by the hostility as the angered Officers approach them, yet they stay calm and collected and respond in confusion and low toned voices. The Police Officers are accusing this innocent group of night riders of running from the Police. The first rider to be taken down is calmly asking how they were running from the Police when the Police were in front of them. That is a pretty logical question I would say. As usual, the Cop bows in silence and just decides to take action rather than having a commonly calm verbal transaction to figure out what really happened and why they were called. The male Officer walks up to the biker with the camera attached to his helmet and throws him to the ground , knocking his bike down as well. You can hear another bike pull up and the male Officer yells at the female Officer to stop him.  





The biker is already slowing down and quickly turns his bike off, as we are sure he was brought to state of confusion when he pulled up. Still confused on what exactly is happening at this road block scene, the female Officer begins taking the bikers helmet off. The biker is calmly walking her through the process of how to get the helmet off. The Cops let the bikers stand up and begin asking them for there ID's and driving information. The biker with the camera is politely telling them how to get to his belongings on his bike. The Officers will have to take the key out of the ignition and open another compartment to get his legal documents. The biker has no problem walking them through these steps and allowing them to have full access to his motorcycle. The bikers begin asking the Officers again why they were being stopped. The female Officer steps in and explains that they got a call that theses bikers were being reckless and driving around the town in an un-casual way. They also expressed that the person who called the Cops reported these bikers trying to start a fight after being stopped by other local law enforcement in the area. These Officers then claimed that their plan was to stop the bikers and politely talk to them to find out what was really going on. But I guess the Officers got on dat dere high herse and took the verbally and physically violent way to ask dese bikers what they have been up to all night.





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