Posted on May 27 2017




Why does it always seem that the law enforcement wants to step in and try to put a Stunter's Wheelie down? Or stop a Rider from making their perfect Scrape mark in the streets? I would say it's innocent fun for this community of harmless adrenaline junkies. It's not like they were doing anything out of control, they were just out for a good time with their good friends. There are times such road blocks may be necessary, like if someone robbed a bank or stole a goat from the zoo. But when a group of grown ass kids are just trying to get a little wind in their souls and a few extra bugs on their helmets, why step in and ruin that for them blue suits? Motorcycles deserve respect on the roads, just as cars do. I mean, that is what they were made for right? To ride on the man-made pavement that our taxes pay for. Watch this video that was all caught on tape while these riders are trying to make a pass over the Oakland Bridge on this perfect day in California. It starts off with one Highway Patrol Cop'er trying to swerve from the left side of the bridge to the right of the bridge and back and forth. All in attempts to stop these motorcycle riders from crossing the bridge. Each of the riders in front of the line begin waving their hands down to let their fellow riders know to back off and stay calm.   







Yet it's common knowledge that they will only back down for a little bit of time. They are not really going to stop at this attempt by the California Highway Patrol. You will then notice that a second Police officer comes in to play and swerves back and forth in further attempt to help stop the Stunt Riders in their tracks. As they are trying to stop the riders, they are really putting a bad taste in the mouths of those in the other cars trying to pass over the Oakland Bridge. It comes to a point where even these vehicles on the road with the motorcycle riders are trying to pass the Cops attempt at a road block. The cops pair up and think they out smart the Stunt Riders at one point and make one of their final attempts at stopping the crew from gliding past them. As if they are trying to keep them from a special treasure chest on the other side of the bridge. Well, not today Po-Po. As soon as the cops think they are in perfect position, the bikers signal and begin their pass to continue their ride and make it over the Oakland Bridge with peace. The California Highway Patrol has no luck as these clever riders, use their speed and skills to hurry past their 4 wheeled vehicles and escape the unfair attempt to shut down the roads for a simple good time on that beautiful day in the State of California. 






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