Posted on May 26 2017




Here we have a video posted by Blox Starz TV on YouTube of a fully equipped Motorcycle Stunt Street Bike VS a Cop on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. On this sunny day in Kansas City, MO this extreme stunt rider was cruising with his fellow Stunt Riding friend down Highway 71 just doing Stunt Rider things. A few of these moves may be considered illegal Motorcycle Stunts and Tricks, but only more illegally known on a public and busy Highway. As this guy is stunting down the Highway you can see on the video captured on his GoPro camera mounted to his helmet that he is doing multiple Stunts and Tricks. It starts with him popping up into a wheelie and releasing his left hand, possibly his right hand as well. This rider and his friend begin to merge onto another road way and signal over in safety. They quickly come up to a red light where he pulls out his fancy and stops in the only way he should stop, with a Stoppie. You see his friend riding and pull up next to him at the stop light. There is an older van closest to his friend in the right hand lane and the driver is saying something to the Stunt Rider as he comes down from closely stopping his nose at a grey Toyota Corolla. As he is telling the driver of the van that he came close to hitting his head on the Land Rover ahead of him, he hears a familiar honk.  







Quickly turning his head around to see what was happening behind he, he begins to prepare himself for movement and without a second thought he drops his fully loaded Stunt Bike into gear and takes off. This Motorcycle cop came out of no where and we are uncertain how long the cop has been following and watching these 2 Riders. Not even phased that the Motorcycle Cop is behind him, he begins flying through traffic on this 4 lane road at top speeds beginning a high speed chase. The Rider checks back a few times to see if the Harley Rider is after him. It is not clear in the video how far of a distance this rider put between himself and the Police Officer but he wasn't slowing down regardless. The Stunt Rider continued at high speeds, cutting through traffic and escaping a meeting with the law enforcement. He speeds up even faster and as the lanes start multiplies, the Rider veers into the right hand turning lane and begins to make a right hand turn, having a close meeting with another vehicle making a right hand turn as well. As he rips the throttle and moves quickly past the silver vehicle he waves them down in respect of saying sorry and excuse me. This Midwestern Rider makes his clean escape. As we here at do not condone the behavior of anything you witness in these videos, we do thank everyone for their video submissions that have been caught on tape by their GoPros. We are in hopes that everyone stays safe and wears a helmet to mount their GoPro on and to keep their lives safe. 





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