Posted on May 26 2017




In this Blox Starz TV video you will see a Street Bike VS Police Car chase all captured on camera on a beautiful sunny day in Springfield, MO. The Police Officer in the black Dodge Charger attempts to pull over this Motorcycle Rider for a traffic violation on this busy 4 lane public road. I could only be sure that this Officer would think that this would be an easy traffic stop, but not today. The Motorcycle Rider wants to play a little game of Dog and Squirrel. The biker begins to speed up without hesitation and as he looks back and notices the Officer isn't backing off, he decided to do what most others would do, rip the throttle and chuck the deuces. The rider begins reaching higher speeds and making his way down this busy roadway. He is weaving in and out of others cars in hopes to lose the Po-Po since the Challenger does not have the same ability to weave through the traffic like his 2 wheeled self. The Rider continues to reach high speeds and starts to speed through and in between traffic on the white separated lines of the streets, making the adrenaline rush of those around him and creating a distance between himself and the law enforcement.








 After passing quite a few cars and trucks in his path, he lets loose on the throttle, turns his head to look behind him and checks to see if the Cop is still on his tail. When he notices that the cop is not letting him get away that easy, he lays it on the throttle one more time on this busy roadway and speeds up again. Continuing to bob and weave through the afternoon traffic, he decides to take the chase to the next step. He approaches a turning lane and begins to veer over and make his way into the turning lane. What will he do? Well, he is already being illegal, so why not follow it up with a little more illegal? The Motorcycle Rider slows down, begins to cut through the 2 lanes where on coming traffic is making its way near and takes a leap over the heightened pavement and puts his off roading skills into full effect. He cuts through the green grass on the outskirts of a neighborhood and cuts right through 2 yards to get away through this neighborhood. The dare devil of a Rider makes his clean getaway. That Police Officer was not backing down that easy for this biker, the whole time you watch this video you can hear the sirens behind the outlaw. Lucky for this hell raisin heathen, he made a clean escape through the busy 4 lane roadway in the middle of the day with consistent traffic traveling through out the lanes and hoping over into someone's yard to escape the law enforcement by tricking him and losing him in his new unknown location. Well done sir, well done.





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