Posted on May 29 2017


Anybody can simply say “fuck the police,” but very few say it to their face. The fearless rider in this video from Blox Starz TV does so not only while on his motorcycle but while doing a wheelie. We start this video with a group of friends cruising down the highway. They are all having fun enjoying the road and popping a few wheelies, but there is one small problem. Up ahead we can see the flashing of red and blue lights, and the cops are after one of their own. Anytime bikers ride in groups they become huge targets for the cops. Instead of responding to real crimes the cops busy themselves by seeking out people having harmless fun on the highway. This prejudice does not go unnoticed, so the star of this video displays his outrage to the cop ahead. While at first the rider with the camera focuses on a friend displaying his wheelie skills, he noticed what is going on up ahead and accelerates. When bikers see red and blue they don’t think to stop, but instinctively ride faster. He pulls forward to another cyclist already performing a wheelie. His skills are impressive, while speeding toward the cop he stands with his right foot forward, left foot back, and front the of his vehicle in the air. As the camera gets closer we get another angle on the proud stunt rider and realize that this wheelie is not all he is doing. With only one hand on the bike the rider displays his hatred for the police with his middle finger.



The biker maintains this as he passes the cop. This will surely switch the officer’s attention from their friend over to him! To further rub it in the cop’s face he then moves to several different poses all while continuing the wheelie. As a farewell to the now distant cop the biker sends some sparks his way. He plops his wheel back on to the ground and the gang of bikers ride off into the night. The cop’s first mistake was thinking he could catch a motorcycle while in his patrol car. His second, and biggest, mistake was messing with a whole pack of bikers! When they all stick together no amount of police can bring them down. When the cop started chasing the one he could have been unaware of the gang that followed. While they could have used this to their advantage and split they made it clear they wanted him to be aware. It must have been embarrassing for this officer. Not only did he let a bunch of speeding and “reckless” bikers get away, but one of them taunted him so heavily. It’s one thing for someone who is ahead of you to get away, but this rider was behind the cop and had the balls to pass him. It was no simple pass either, it was a stunt and a finger. This rider may have displayed the greatest “fuck you” of all time to the cops. 



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