Posted on May 29 2017


Many bikers just don’t know when to quit. In contrast, however, there are also some cops who know when not to start. This Blox Starz TV YouTube video shows one such cop who when faced against a horde of bikers has no choice but to sit back and watch. The video was taken during a large gathering of motorcyclists in Phoenix, Arizona. One rider decides he’s had enough riding in the back and zooms forward. He passes several of his friends while driving in the center turn lane. He squeezes through a few bikers and dips into the oncoming traffic lane to maneuver to the front. As his placement on the road increases he notices a police officer in the far right lane. The officer appears to be following along with the bikes, as if he was very poorly trying to blend in. With such a high density of motorcycles on the road they were sure to attract the attention of the local police department. The cop is clearly there to make sure none of the bikers try anything foolish or fun. The star of the video calls the cop’s bluff and refuses to yield to the law. While in a left turn only lane the biker races straight through an intersection and passes the cop. It is unclear if the biker was simply adjusting the camera on his helmet when he lifts his hand and looks at the cop, but he could have very well been giving the officer a taunting wave. The biker is clearly desperate for a chase as he keeps the acceleration climbing. 



He looks back and the cop has yet to start his sirens. The biker then goes to Plan B. He pops the front of his bike in the air and continues to pass the other riders on the road while doing a wheelie. This biker, as well as others, look back and wait for the cop to begin the chase. However the chase never begins. The biker makes checks several times to see if the cop is after him, and although the cop keeps a short distance between them his lights are still off. The biker, almost as if he has been defeated, finishes his wheelie. He and his fellow riders look around in confusion. The cop has taken note of this situation. He is vastly outnumbered, and if he were to start chasing one he would have to start chasing all. There is no way for him to combat this massive gang. His attempt to scare them into driving lawfully has failed, so this rider makes sure everybody knows it. The rider almost doubles his speed and takes the lead. He turns around and drives opposite of the pack, displaying a wheelie for both his friends and the officer. After getting back to the end he turns around again and gives the cop one more chance to start a chase. He passes his friends for a second time and reaches the cop. As he passes him this time he definitely waves to the officer, but still the cop drives without trying to stop the biker. This is one battle he could never win.




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