Posted on May 26 2017


This intense video is worth watching to the end. Filled with patience and frustration, it leaves you more annoyed with some of the riders than with the Sheriff. You spend about one minute watching a BloxStarz / StreetFighterz collaboration on a typical sunny day escort ride. They appear to be doing nothing wrong as they ride along side a County Sheriff with his lights on. Suddenly the officer begins erratically swerving into the group of bikes.



Although rude, he manages to carefully not hit anyone. His goal being to get the riders to either stop on their own or run into each other. Another minute and a half of the ride, including a cheap wheelie from a near by KTM, and you see a StreetFighter on an induro throw his hands up into the air in frustration. Your initial thought is that this dumb cop just hit someone and it's caught on camera, time to sue! But as the replay starts you can see why the rider was so frustrated. The Sheriff hits the breaks and the rider behind him stops.  


Then, for some inexplicable reason another rider in a purple shirt to the right of the cop car suddenly swerves left and completely T-bones the stopped rider. Both bikes fly and one completely flips over, but the riders seem okay. The Sheriff stops and has a clear grin across his face as he exits his car and approaches the rider who just got hit. He accomplished exactly what he wanted to.




The riders have stopped and he is not liable. The rider knows he is caught, and doesn't fight it as he also walks forward to greet the officer and even looks back at his fallen bike on the side of the highway knowing it is likely to be towed and impounded. As another Sheriff arrives on the scene in an SUV, the other riders begin trying to pick up the other bike who's owner in the purple shirt seems to have disappeared. 





Even more frustrating is that there are plenty of bikes in the group with passengers and yet, no one seems able or willing to step up and ride this bike back for it's owner. Our camera man seems to have trouble getting the bike started and eventually decides it's best to exit the scene. As he rides off slowly you can see the pack of spectators, all unable to do anything to help. The video ends, leaving the viewers with no conclusion to this chaotic incident. We do not find out how many people were arrested or how many bikes were impounded. We also are left wondering if anyone was ever able to get the bike started or removed from the scene quickly enough to avoid impound. By far, the most confusing part of this video is where purple shirt went. This accident was entirely his fault and still other riders care enough to attempt to get his bike away from the scene, yet we do not see him again for the rest of the video.





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