Posted on May 26 2017




What a thrilling video to watch as this Cop is swerving in and out of an endless amount of motorcycles during the MOM Street Stunt Ride in 2016. This is a true story of Bikes Vs Cops in Kansas City on this beautiful day. A lot of Bikes Vs one Cop, that is. Who is coming out with the winning card? I can tell you in this game of bob and weave all caught on tape by one of the riders GoPros mounted to his helmet you get to see it all first hand. I'm going to say the Po-Po isn't having a "winner, winner, chicken dinner" type of night. Wheelie after Wheelie, watch this video and you feel the excitement as being one of the riders. Swerve after Swerve you will have the frustration of the Cop as he is realizing he will not be able to stop all of these bikes. 







It's a good thing there were not more Cop cars swerving around all of these bikes, that may have created a little more hostility in the situation. Notice as your jaw may drop during this video because this cop is being completely unsafe by swerving at such high speeds through all of these motorcycle riders. Many riders begin to pull off of the perfectly paved roads and into the grassier areas for some quick safety. Many riders begin to slow down to stay away from this Cop who could easily cause an accident. You will notice one rider takes off and the Cop tries to chase him. He quickly realizes that rider is too far gone and slams on this breaks. Another safety issue that could have caused any of the approaching rider danger. A few riders begin to take lefts and rights off the forbidden path just to stay clear of any bad mojo. Or just to make sure they get some good footage of this ridiculousness. 







In good news, there are a few times where you may want to pull your suspender straps and thank the Officer as he makes sure cars at the intersection are stopped so these riders and can safely pass in single file, connected form of their Ride. Could you imagine the confusion or worry of the cars around witnessing this. I guess the blue and red lights make a fun ambiance for this motorcycle stunt parade in the open streets of the Midwest. Through the entire video, these motorcycle dare devils continue to pull out their best Stunt skills without being phased that this Cop is trying to crash their party. To what could have been a dusty, oil leaking, scraped and bruised mess; we are glad to say that all Motorcycle Riders escaped law enforcement and enjoyed the chicken dinner at the finish line. It may be safe to say that they Scraped their plates clean! We do not condone any rash outbursts in these types of situations, so we are glad to say every rider in this Stunt Ride did a fantastic job at handling the choices made by this Police Officer.





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