Posted on May 28 2017


We call cyclists “crazy” for plenty of reasons. Tricks while speeding, running from the police, or even for a wheelie, but this rider is far more than crazy. He’s insane. The motorcyclist had police after him, helicopters following him, and the news reporting about him. All for good reason. The video posted by Cole Bartiromo shows footage from his local news, KCAL9. The reporters talk about the biker who is not only out of his mind, but visibly angry. He is being chased by the cops, and in a fit of rage takes off his watch and gloves and throws them to the ground. As the biker passes each car he reaches out and punches their mirror. We see him punch five cars, though he may have hit more. Four of his punches were with his right hand hitting the left mirror of the cars. However he threw one punch with his left arm while passing a truck on the right, and we can see this hurt the driver. We get a glimpse of the officers chasing this madman, and they might actually have a fighting chance catching the biker since they are also driving motorcycles. Had they been in patrol cars they would never have stood a chance.  



The news reporter states that this vandalizing biker doesn’t have any plates, so if they don’t catch him now they’ll lose their chance! The biker enters Burbank and with it more cars on the road. He drives through them as if they didn’t exist, curiously enough not punching any mirrors. The biker is now trying to get as far ahead as possible and doesn’t have time for games. The biker takes an exit but gets right back onto the freeway. He holds out his left arm and we can see he is in pain. He drives one handed for a while and adjusts to the pain in his hand. It is very likely that something is broken. He then checks his right arm, and while doing so holds the right handle with his left arm. This proves to be dangerous for everybody as he has a hard time keeping control of his bike. As the bike rocks back and forth in pain he maintains his speed. 



Any sane person would give up the fight when they’re too injured to drive stably, but this guy is far from sane. He tries to fight the pain and really makes the viewer hold their breath as he comes dangerously close to the other vehicles on the road. At one moment he almost hits a fellow biker, it is a miracle that he was able to dodge. Either as a desperate attempt to escape or a surrender to the police, the biker gets off the highway and drives into a construction area. He slows down and collapses off of his bike. The police quickly arrive with their guns drawn. While guns are usually overkill for arresting bikers, there is no telling what is going through this man’s head. He does not put up a fight and the cops cuff him. We may never know what pissed this guy off so badly that he took it out on other vehicles, but one thing that is for sure is that it will be a while before we see him on the road again.




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