Posted on May 27 2017


Motorcycle group rides never let us down. In this short BloxStarz clip, we are taken to the ghetto streets of Pheonix, AZ where sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the cop or the biker that he's chasing that is more entertaining! This video starts right out with a turquoise bike in the far left corner of the screen. You quickly see one of Saint Louis' finest run up on his right and actually attempt to physically remove the rider from his bike. This causes instant problems since the cop is now putting his weight on to the rider's right arm causing him to pull his throttle wide open. He holds in his clutch while zigging and zagging his bike between traffic as he loses his balance and attempts to regain it again while a full grown man is hanging onto him. The cop gets dragged for a couple of car lengths before finally giving the rider enough slack to wiggle free. That's when our cocky rider thinks he has escaped and, with relief he dumps his clutch expecting to pull forward and successfully navigate the left turn through the intersection. Forgetting that his RPMs were fully revved up, it must have been a shock when his front end came straight up past twelve. This might have been salvageable and probably even an epic smooth escape, but the rider still had not fully regained his balance from the tug of war with the officer.  



Not only does the rider go down with a smack right in the middle of the intersection, but the fun doesn't stop there! The rider crawls for a couple feet towards his fallen bike, he gets to his feet and rather than wasting time to pick the bike up, he looks at it and thinks, "Screw it!" as he runs into the crowd of bikes, crossing in front of their path.


We see a rider on a green bike. Just as he comes into the shot he is bringing his left arm back up from behind him. It seems as though he has motioned to the bike-less rider to join him. He jumps awkwardly onto the back of the other rider's bike. We can only hope he knows the guy! Either way, the dude is nice enough to speed off with our unfortunate rider on his back seat, successfully eluding the officer and his arrest.



 As the second half of the video shows us the high speeds the riders use to put distance between themselves and the incident, we are left with the obvious question: "Won't the cop just run his tags?". There is no plate clearly visible in any frame of this video. As for VIN numbers, they are likely either rubbed off or the bike is stolen and the rider doesn't care. If the bike is registered to the rider and it is traceable, I can only imagine the trouble he is in. He has even earned the infamous "operating a motor vehicle on one wheel" ticket! Congratulations bud! .... I think....



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