Posted on May 30 2017




Finally, we see a chase not from the chin of the rider, but from the back of the bike. A straight on view of where the cop is, how far away he is, and everything else that is going on. It’s somewhat refreshing. The video starts off with what appears to be just a normal car in view, but soon we find out this car just isn’t any normal car! It’s a cop car! Lights come on and sirens fire up. It’s go time. Looks like this biker gets a good jump on the cop. You can hear the motor screaming as he/she goes from gear to gear and finally hits the rev limiter. The rider creates tons of space between him and the cop, but don’t count this cop out just yet. After a few miles of the bike screaming and flying through streets, he slows down and cuts through a few intersections. And in fact, we finally realize the cop didn’t give up, he’s still right there and ready to fight. After awhile, you get the feeling this rider is out for the night just asking for trouble. He seems to be waiting and looking for cops to play cat and mouse with. He slows down, waits for the cop, takes off, slows down again, and then takes off again. This guys seems like a modern day ghost rider. The climax of this video has to be after he loses the cop for the second time, or loses the second cop, we’re not really sure, he pulls up to a stop light either waiting for another cop or the same cop. As soon as the cop starts to pull up on him, he burns rubber making a hard left turn through the intersection, but this time, it appears the cop has giving up.  







He stays exactly where he is and watches as the bike pulls off into the night. We’re really loving this view though. Seeing what the cops are doing and how they handle themselves during and after the chases are quite interesting. Not sure where this is, or what city it’s in, but hopefully the city is big enough to where the fuzz can’t track him down and do some post investigative work to figure out who this cat is. He must have a real appetite for adrenaline, It’s not everyday you see riders out there taunting cops, testing their driving skills in chase after chase. An even better question is, what are the cops thinking. Are they having a good time and laughing, or are they behind the wheel grabbing the steering column so tight they’re about to break it off. Who knows. One thing we do know is, on this night, the bikers was the winner and the cops were the losers. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”





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